Monday, July 08, 2013

I'm Playing as Hard as I Can!

Here is another of the heads that were already made--
yesterday, I attached it to an old tool for stitching leather.

 Below is the new head in progress.
This one is going on an old hinge.
He has a long way to go, 
but I've made a lot of progress on a few figures.
Work on one.  Let it dry, and work on another.

More of the branch weaving.

Paint should be dry on one of my eccentric figures.
Back to work.


  1. Love your impromptu weavings -- very cool. Glad to see you're back to blogging again. Hope you have a wonderful summer! xo

  2. I'm reading, knitting, and staying cool as hard as I can...:-)

  3. I am still really digging on your branch weaving. Would you be willing to do a process post on it sometime? I'd love to see how you do it.

  4. Hi, Jenclair. Your faces upon miscellaneous objects are very interesting. I've wanted to play with clay and make doll heads for a long time, however, I'll continue to resist the urge. So much to do! Love the branch weaving with the beautiful colors.

  5. Connie - I took a long vacation from this blog and from crafting, but I'm ready to return to both. Thanks for the nice comment about the weavings--they are fun to do.

    DebbyMc - :) That weeding and gardening is more fun in cooler weather, isn't it? This is the time to stay in a little more.

    Stephanie - The branch weaving is very simple. Instead of a process post, I'll find the link to the site that inspired me!

    Nadia - I think you have more than enough to occupy your time. Love your applique!


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