Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Cool Weather...

continues.  Can't explain how wonderful to open the door and NOT walk out into a sauna!  

A grapefruit.  Tiny, but promising.

Lots of pollinators.

I can't resist the smell of dill, either!

 Fee bushhogged the entire field with the big tractor, 
but then went back with the Kabota 
 to cut my walking path around the field even lower.
If there are snakes, I want to see them first.
I make the rounds several times a day.

I noticed that something had eaten my horseradish.
It is planted outside the fence.
This afternoon, I found out.
We wondered when this would happen.
The deer invasion.
Well, hardly that so far,
but our measly fence will be of no use,
if they decide they want inside the garden.
Horseradish leaves are evidently not a deterrent.
Although I've almost no creative inclinations for the past several months,
I did experiment with branch weaving back in May.

It was kind of fun, and I did several more
 that I will need to take pics of.

That is the only crafty thing I've done in months!
But in the last few days,
I've had the urge to begin working with the dolls again.

Since I wanted something immediate,
 something to embellish the cabin walls,
I ordered an angel from Carla Truillo, at Indian Dollar Works.
Carla is an online friend, and you can
visit her Etsy Shop (above link)
or visit her blog.
Assemblage Mixed Media Angel Cat

I can't wait for her to arrive!

But I still find my fingers itching for clay all of a sudden.
And embroidery, and making felt, and maybe even eco dyeing again.

Since WiFi reception is iffy down here,
I'm often unable to use the computer,
but for some reason, it has been mostly good for the last few days.
Which has had me examining Pinterest again.
Fabric art, dolls, gardens, etc.

I think that is what began the itching in my fingers. 


  1. I can relate. We have a deer problem here, too. We fenced off our new vegetable garden because of them. So far, the 5' tall fence is doing it's job, but the deer did eat some sunflower plants that I was growing outside of the fence as well as some hollyhocks I had in another part of the yard. The sunflowers are probably a total loss, but I think I managed to save the hollyhocks.

    I love the branch weaving!!! It's awesome. The angel is very sweet.

    Good luck with your crafting. That Pinterest can be dangerous (mostly in a good way). ;)

  2. Enjoyed the photos. Where my mother and sister live in Va, the deer are everywhere! My sister buys something to keep them from eating the flowers on her patio.
    Smells like wolf pee or something...

  3. Marie --I'm sorry about your sunflowers! I love those huge, happy things. :/

    Teresa --Oh, yeah, wolf pee-- bet that would repel deer! I'll have Fee look at his favorite tractor store that has all kinds stuff for farming.

  4. I've had some creative downs lately, too. I love your little weavings, though! How fun and clever!

  5. Beautiful've got that artist's eye no matter what you do, woman!

    Love your weaving..I used to do that all the time with my children. Now, I want to do it again, as a 'grown up!'

    Glad it's cooler for my mother used to say 'my people down south' have sure been having a rough time with the weather!!!

  6. Steph- It always seems that the creative ups and downs are needed. Still, I can't imagine you having a really slow cycle!

    Michele - Thanks, Michele! The branch weavings are fun, and I did quite a few while watching television a while back. The humidity has returned, but it was wonderful to have that break in the weather!


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