Thursday, April 04, 2013

Tabby Cats and Phrenological Figure

We have three cats, the Triad,
 (think Chinese criminal societies--
although none of our cats
 have  any exotic blood in them). 
They were stray alley kittens when Fee brought them home
 after their mother was run over.  

The Triad, while neither Chinese, 
nor criminal,
 nor, for that matter, 
 even kittens any longer, 
are often destructive.

We love them and forgive them, 
but let's face it, 
we have lost any sense of Alpha control
 in our relationships with them.

For three siblings, 
they couldn't be any different
in size or in personality.

Which got me thinking one day,
about Edgar.
The only male, and more than twice 
the size of his smallest sister,
Edgar has always been more canine
 than feline in some ways.

He will fetch, come when you call,
is genuinely friendly with family and friends,
loves to curl up and just BE with you
without expecting to be worshiped and curried to.

The ladies are more snobbish.
Stinker is reserved, but occasionally demands attention.
Lucy, well, Lucy demands everything at high volume.
Food, attention, whatever she wants,
she wants NOW.

When I read or hear about other people 
and their feline companions,
it is often Tabbies that seem to have 
the friendliest personalities,
the most engaging and charming habits,
who are the most gregarious and outgoing.

Edgar is so patient with Bryce Eleanor.

I wondered if I might be making up the "tabby affect" 
based on our own experience with our three
and a few anecdotal stories from others.

No conclusive answer found,
although there have been several studies
about color and temperament.
Some articles leaned toward tabby cats being
more sociable, but several articles
disputed the claim.

In our household, Edgar the Tabby, is
most definitely the most sociable, but he is
also the only male and much larger than his
two sisters who tend to stick together more.

Here's a link:  Tabby Cat Personality

I stuck a collection of watch parts into this figure's head,
 oh, at least four months ago.  
The body is an old curling iron, 
the kind people stuck into the top of a glass lantern to heat;  
this one has a very small barrel.  
Someone wanted tight little curls.

He remains neglected.
But perhaps he could be useful
in helping Map the Brain Initiative.

source:  Hogret- Phrenology Brushes
I think he looks a bit
like those advertisements in the early 1900's.

He will be a hanging figure
as a stand would be distracting.
Not that I'm in the mood to finish him.
I'm going down to the cabin
and garden.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Re: cats, IMH experience I've found males in general to be friendlier and more companionable than females. But that's not always the case. I think a lot of it has to do with socialization and where each cat came from, like if they were feral or not. The feral ones often seem never to get over that. And then, cats are all individuals, just like us humans!
    Have a great weekend. xo

  2. Don't get be started on cats that find you and somehow become yours, or you would definitely be labeling me a crazy cat lady. For the record, the tabby is by far the most socialized of our cats. the most neurotic are the calico, the leary ones, the blackies; the biggest eater, the orange one.....

  3. Connie - Ours are all from the same litter, so maybe being male has something to do with it.

    Teresa - Oh, no, I would never label you the crazy cat lady...but the description fits by removing "crazy." You and Ricky have rescued more than your share of cats!

  4. I feel so much as though I'm missing out, but my allergies won't tolerate cats indoors. When the boys were young we had a beautiful stray outside who visited on a regular basis. He loved to be petted but only children were given that privilege. Your Triad are beautiful, but perhaps you should consider the ladies elegant or sophisticated. They certainly look the part!

  5. Mary- The Triad are excellent producers of cat hair and are a pain when I try to read...but aside from that they will do. Oh, yes, and I can't have flowers or anything on the mantel, they love to demolish a roll of toilet paper, and maybe I better quit now.

  6. After years of cat not sure Id stick to tabbies only being mainly the tolerant types but then so many have been a joy all their own, to be sure.
    Im down to 2 now, the black boy once feral to the core, is now as daft as a brush with me, whilst the female tabby is still whimsically timid but adores a stroke if I can pick her up for one.... ever!
    And Ive convinced myself that cat hair is added roughage ........ since its almost ever present in daily life!
    liking the head!!
    natty tongs too lol

  7. liniecat - Maybe it is just a male thing, especially when the females are a bit subservient! :)

  8. Edgar sounds like my kind of cat.

  9. bermudaonion - Edgar is a friendly and loving fellow, but he does keep the ladies in line!

  10. Enjoyed your kitty comments! They are beautiful and lucky to have been rescued. Interesting head there, looks like it already has legs!

  11. Our tabby is very friendly. We love him. I'm loving your curling iron guy. I'll be interested to see where you go with him!


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