Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Mud, Homely Plant #2, Musical Swings

Mud.  Not just mud, but red clay mud,
 an adhesive mud that sticks like glue,
 so that your boots get heavier and heavier,
accumulating layer after layer. 
 Monday was beautiful, but the ground was still soaked 
from Sunday's rain, and low spots were pools of muddy water.
didn't get much done yesterday.

Homely Plant # 2


  I posted about it here, in 2009,
 in my lost to the tornado garden,
  at that time, I couldn't imagine not having any comfrey.  
 Or that I would have
such a difficult time finding it locally.  

Why do I love comfrey?  
Part of the reason
may actually have to do with the name--
so close to comfy;
 the plant has that homely
(in Tolkien's sense of the word) feel for me.
But my love for this plant also lies
 in the plant's benefits for the garden.

Comfrey mines nutrients from the soil (deep tap root) 
and is designated a dynamic accumulator, 
cycling nutrients through the soil.  

It can be used as green manure and as mulch.  
It will help heat up your compost pile,
 which was the main way I used it in the past.

Comfrey attracts bees and butterflies, good pollinators.

For thousands of years, comfrey has been used medicinally, 
and many people today swear by its properties 
as a poultice  for healing wounds.  
The plant is also knows as "knitbone" and "bruisewort."  
Comfrey contains Allantoin, 
a protein that promotes cell growth.  

While I love the fact that comfrey
has healing benefits,
I've never actually tried them.

On the other hand, this plant
is capable of healing the soil--
 as a mulch and by mining nutrients 
too deep for most plants to reach.

It can become invasive, 
and I ended up with much more comfrey 
by accident when I tried to move it.
The transplants were more than successful,
and the original plant grew back and prospered.
I can only wish that I had access now.
But now that I want it for a new garden...
may have to order online.

via Green Renaissance - relax and enjoy these musical swings.


  1. Thanks for sharing the video on the musical swings. Such a neat thing for a community to do.

    I have never planted comfry, but I'm going to this spring - thanks to your information.

  2. I'll check when we go to Forest Hill nurseries and, if there's some comfry, I'll buy and send it to you. I've discovered it's not easy to find any herbs or unusual garden plants.

    I do like those little bells and there's nothing like a comfy swing to really relax and meditate.

  3. Booklogged - I love those swings! Comfrey benefits the garden and the gardener!

    Mary - A nursery here has said they will order some for me, but I haven't heard from them yet. An online source has several different kinds, including the bocking series. Thanks for the offer, Mary!

    Aren't those swings great? I can understand why so many people stayed so much longer than they intended.

  4. Interesting! Plus, it has a pretty flower that reminds me a little bit of lily of the valley.


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