Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter Sunday Rain

Fee went to Baton Rouge on Friday,
as did Chris and Amelia,
to join Erin and see the Elton John concert.

Guess Amelia and Erin 
were gearing up for the concert.

I stayed at the cabin.
Have never done concerts well.

The inside of the cabin is a huge mess
as we have tools and chargers and so forth
scattered all around,
but here are photos of the only
part that looks decent.

The pillows I made several years ago.
The dog in the middle is 
from one of Mila's drawings.
The quote says,
"No outfit is complete without dog hair,"
which was appropriate at the time.
Now, I should make one about cat hair.

Besides gardening, shoveling, and hauling,
I've been reading.
Mysteries mostly.
Although I did finish, and thoroughly enjoyed, Nick Hornby's More Baths, Less Talking 
a monthly review of the books he read
and reviewed for The Believer.

New to me mystery author,
Chris Knopf provided me with several hours
of intense reading in Dead Anyway.
After being shot in the head,
Arthur awakes from a long coma
and decides to dedicate himself 
to discovering the assassin and the man
who hired him.
After the first few pages,
I couldn't put it down!

I've reviewed both of these on my book blog:
A Garden Carried in My Pocket.

After making my purchases at the 
Master Gardener's sale on Saturday,
I tried 2 nurseries for comfrey.
Maybe I'll get lucky at the
Herb Society sale.

 I went back down to the cabin
and spent the night.
From about 7:30 - 11:00 AM Sun. morning,
I got some weeding and planting done.
Then the rain and wind hit.
Quite a storm--knocked out a power line
and we lost electricity.

I finally gave it up and came home.
Sunny this morning, although rain is
predicted for the next few days.
Going to the country.  Again.


Good to hear from you!