Saturday, April 20, 2013

Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner

or anytime in between. 
 Nutribullet smoothies. 
 You can get all of your vegetables and fruits in one glass!

I would never have considered adding spinach to banana, 
but it makes a lovely green smoothie.  
Add cinnamon, even better. 
 To be able to get a helping of greens and fruits 
at the same time encourages me to enjoy these smoothies.  
Sometimes I add blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, yogurt--
depends on what is in the fridge. 
 And ice--because I like 'em cold.

When the bananas start to lose their fresh look, 
I peel them, slice them, and freeze the slices. 
 Same with strawberries.
Above--frozen bananas and strawberries and spinach and milk.
 Healthier and not as fattening as ice cream,
but almost as good!

Gardening in the country has taken something of a back seat
as frequent rains make it impossible to get much done.
Except for weeding.
Weeds are simply amazing.
Especially on land that has been neglected for years.
I can weed in the morning,
and there are new weeds by the afternoon.
Where I put down cardboard and really thick newspapers
before adding the ecomulch,
there are fewer problems.
But if the layer of papers is thin or not fully covered,
weeds grow sideways and find an opening.
I've also forgotten my camera on most sunny days,
but we have had plenty of salads from lettuce,
spinach, and swiss chard.

The above pics don't show how much things
have grown because I took them nearly 2 weeks ago.
Then my battery died, I put it on the charger,
and kept forgetting the camera.

Reading, reading, reading. 
Really good:

I've reviewed The Boy Who Could See Demons 
on my book blog and have The Changeling scheduled.

I take frequent breaks at whatever I'm doing
and sit down to read.
I've been reading Barbara Kingsolver's
Animal, Vegetable, Miracle for a while now, 
a little at a time, then mulling it over.
I've read 4 or 5 novels since I started A,V,M.
Nonfiction is always slower.

Home Garden
The dianthus is doing well, except for where it looks
as if something lay down in the middle of one.
I love Heuchera or Coral Bells;
the flowers are delicate and not very showy,
but I love the foliage.

I pulled the pots of begonias up to the patio
and covered them in cold weather.
They survived the winter.
Yesterday, the Dragon Heart had 2 blossoms,
but this morning, none.
I see I've typed leaf instead of petal.  Oops.

The guara has a few blooms, 
but is being crowded right now by the succulent.
The succulent has bright green leaves and magenta flowers.
The guara leaves are darker and kind of purple,
and the flowers are pink.

And the garlic always enchants me.

I've been so busy lately.
Days at the cabin, then home, then back.
I have not been keeping up with posting 
or with reading my favorite blogs.
Will try to do better.

Have a great weekend!


  1. How do you keep up with yourself? The gardens are beautiful. You have some unusual plants that I wouldn't have thought would survive our heat. Gives me courage to try a few different things myself!

  2. We have the bullet, and I enjoy making smoothies, too. I took a break from them over winter, but I'm looking forward to them again this summer!

  3. I don't know how you do it! Lovely plants and pictures. Will have to dig out my smoothie maker before summer actually ends!
    Lynn :D


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