Saturday, March 30, 2013

Home for the day...

I spent most of the week at the cabin.

Wednesday, Bryce Eleanor spent the night with me,
so we spent the day playing in the sand,
taking walks,
collecting wildflowers for an arrangement,
building fairy houses, etc.

Here she is telling me the story
of how she fell out of the moon,
lost her unicorn horn
her Pegasus wings.
It was sad.
She loved the "valley of flowers."
Evidently, valley was a new word
as she used it A LOT.

And did you know that violet is another word for purple?
And that white flowers, especially with ruffles
are called wedding flowers?

The kid always has something to teach me.
Anyway, here is the "valley of flowers."
Chris picked her up on Thursday,
and since it had warmed up I mowed around the cabin.

Some of the trees we've planted.

I seem to have a thing about purple and green.
The row of mustard greens really appeals to me.

Below, the peach tree inside the fence is showing some blooms.
Still have not decided where to put the quince.
A thorny affair that needs a lot of room,
quince is also one of those plants 
that despite its drawbacks,
must be included because of memories 
of other quinces, of other gardens.
These pictures were taken early in the morning.

Here is my hourly snack.
Pistachios.  Mmmm.

Came back home last night so that I could attend the
 local Master Gardener's Sale at 8:00 this morning.  
In the rain.

Left the sale with a trunk full of (mostly) Louisiana Iris and 
re-connections with two friends who have recently finished 
the Master Gardener's course
 and were having a great time, even in the rain.

Thanks, Denise, for helping me choose the Louisiana Iris.


  1. Bryce Eleanor is really growing up! I think it must make your mouth happy to say the word "valley." Some words are just fun to roll off the tongue. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the tree fruit blossoms.

  2. The kid is a drama queen, but she's fun and funny. :)

  3. Aren't grandchildren a joy to share time with!
    My daughter was 11 when I foolishly agreed she could select her own bedroom paint colours.............purple and acid green........
    BUT in fairness, its looked fantastic!
    So wise choice with the purple and green lol

  4. Sounds like a delightful weekend. Your grounds around the cabin are looking great--glad BE was there to enjoy it with you and enhance your enjoyment. I think we may a stuffed animal just like hers left here by a child a few years back.

  5. Jenclair~ I've really been enjoying watching your garden grow!
    And speaking of BE...she has grown by leaps and bounds since I first 'met' her! :)

  6. liniecat - Your daughter showed great taste with her purple and acid green! Much prettier than purple alone or pink which many young girls choose!

    Teresa - Thanks! Oh, BE gives me new insight into many things. :)

  7. Nancy - The garden is taking most of my time, energy, and thought these days. I'm loving using flowers in with the vegetables and satisfying both Fee and myself.

    :) The grands grow so fast! Mila, Max, and BE have all shot up in every way, much faster my own kids did...well, it seems faster.


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