Monday, February 04, 2013

Poison I-I-Ivy, Sore Back,

Friday, I went down to the cabin 
and met Amelia.
She had to meet the folks who were 
to check on (and repair?) the pump.

Well, Well, Well...looks like a new Well.
On the positive side, 
we will hopefully have better water.

I had messed around with poison ivy
the previous weekend.
It was getting better,
or so I thought.
Evidently, on Friday, I handled something
that started a new batch of blisters.


Amelia and I worked on outlining
the flower beds in front of our cabin
with stones,
laying down a layer of newspapers on
the side we worked on,
and covered with a light layer of river sand
and some mulch to keep the newspaper down.

Saturday, Fee and I worked on trimming and
cleaning up along the tree line by the creek.
This picture was a couple of years ago, but all that undergrowth,
the dead trees, and low limbs are now on there way out.
That was tiring, but after a rest,
we tackled shoveling sand and mulch 
into one of the raised beds we built last weekend.
That finished us both off.
Well, that and the wine we drank
during our final break.

Yesterday, I went down by myself
after Fee had to go out of town.
I did more weed-eating around the cabins,
more work on undergrowth and vines 
along the treeline,
and more shoveling.

Wasn't sure I could get up this morning.
Thank goodness for Aspercreme, 
which really does help.
But I now have poison ivy on my face.


Tried and True!

Over Christmas, 
my sil told me she had ordered 
Wet Brushes for herself and her daughters, Megan and Katie. 
 I'm not tender-headed, 
but my granddaughters are, 
so I ordered a Wet Brush 
(for wet or dry de-tangling)
for Mila and for Bryce Eleanor 
and got one for myself, just to try.
The bristles are very flexible,
and I can see that this would
make a huge difference to people with fine hair
that tangles easily
or to those who are very tender-headed.

 Getting Mila and Bryce Eleanor 
to brush their hair, 
especially after a bath, is a major battle
a bit difficult. 
And, yes, I keep a de-tangling spray for them.

I suspect the problem
 has a psychological element.
Of course, with B.E., there is also the 
fact that she always something sticky 
in her hair.
Mila is genuinely tender-headed.

Erin said Mila likes her brush 
and brushes more often.
You have to get the brush to the hair first,
and B.E. makes that difficult.

I ordered from this source.


  1. My daughter is tender headed. She saw these brushes on TV and wants one. What was your impression? Did they work well?

  2. Enjoyed visiting with you this morning, Jen. Sorry about that dratted poison ivy, ick. :(

    My granddaughters have thick hair and it's long so their mama uses the spray detangler and it helps quite a bit.

    xo connie

  3. Stephie - The bristles are so flexible that they glide through the hair. I think Sweet Pea should definitely have one!

    Connie - We use the spray detangler, too, but the brush is a great addition!

  4. Jenny, sorry you got messed up with poison ivy--hopefully it is drying up now. Ricky has had shingles, a mild case but still annoying. Your cabin sounds like fun.

  5. Teresa - So sorry to hear that Ricky has had shingles! Mother had it along her sciatic nerve, on the inside so it took forever to diagnose what was causing the pain. Anyone who had chicken pox as a kid is susceptible, so I dread the possibility.

    We are really enjoying the cabin now that we've decided it is more than a deer camp!


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