Friday, February 22, 2013

Hacked, Gardening, Scratching

First, my email has been hacked. 
 If you receive a suspicious email from me, 
run your cursor over my name 
and see if it originates from another source. 
 If you've opened one of these hacked emails,
 run your antivirus program to be sure 
you haven't been infected as well. 
 I'm trying to get this straightened out 
and apologize for the inconvenience. 

Thanks to Michelle, Jean-Sophie, and Teresa
for letting me know. 

I actually wondered when this would happen because it has happened to so many of those 
with whom I correspond regularly. 
The Garden in the Country
We've been making progress.
Fee has been working on the deck.
I haul boards and hold things
and hand things to Fee.
My Bog boots are great!

below--gravel path before stones
 I added all the stones using my trusty wagon.
You can see bed #3 to the left;
 there is another raised bed that is not visible.
And another stone bed around tree.

Poison Ivy Debacle--ongoing

It has been nearly two weeks since
I got the steroid shot for poison ivy.
It has been much improved,
but not gone, and I still wake up scratching.

I wondered why my face cleared up
when my arms and legs continued to 
look as if I had some dread disease.

At first, I thought maybe it was because
it is so easy to apply medication to the face.
Applying medication to arms, legs, back,
requires some undressing.

Yesterday, pondering the question again,
I wondered if the fact that for a month or so, 
I've been putting honey on my face
for about 15 minutes in the morning, 
then washing it off
( a Pinterest suggestion),
and when I tried it, my skin felt nice and soft.

So--experimented by applying honey
 to one arm and covering 
with a paper towel to keep from
getting everything sticky,
 I discovered that the remaining 
itch and redness on that arm improved.

Today, I'm going to do it again
on both arms.
Can't hurt.


  1. Jen, I did receive an email from you but it didn't look right so I didn't open it, and I did delete it. It just looked suspicious. Now I'm glad I didn't open!

    There used to be and maybe still are shots you can take that help you not get poison ivy, taken before you get it, not during a breakout. You could check into that. It must be really awful for you. I hope you soon are well and rid of it.

  2. Oddly enuf.......Ive read that honey was a cure all in ancient times and Ive used it on mozzie bites that Id scratched and torn open.
    What relief!
    Love the stone bench and edged pathway! Its all coming together great!!

  3. poor itchy gal! I love your stone bench so so much!!

  4. Connie - I'm glad you deleted it! I check the source on almost every email, but I got hacked anyway.

    I'll check with my doctor about a preventive shot. Silly me, thinking I was immune.

    Liniecat -- Yes, honey has a natural antiseptic and was used for wounds. I'm not sure why it took me so long to realize that it works on a rash, too. And as mosquitoes will be out in force before long, I'll try honey for that, as well.

    Nancy -- Getting better all the time. Fee found that bench at the place he got the stone for the pathway. I love it, too!

  5. That stone bench is beautiful, Jenclair. It looks so natural in this setting.

    As for the poison ivy, this is the first I've heard of honey, but it sounds much sweeter than what I have heard and tried: vinegar and baking soda. They worked okay but burn like heck, and the meds I keep on hand work better. Since I get poison ivy at least once a year, I will definitely give it a try at some point. Good idea to keep it on hand for mosquito bites. Just remember that you may then attract bees! So it's an indoor solution.

  6. Thanks, Mary! I really like the bench and plan to make great use of it.

    I knew that honey has been used for treating wounds in the past and that it has an antiseptic quality, but the fact that it helped the poison ivy was a surprise.

  7. My email got hacked, too. What a drag, huh? Sorry if you got suspicious email from me!

    You are really going to town with all this. It's amazing! I am loving it. Thanks for sharing. Hope the poison ivy abates soon!

  8. Stephie -- Poison ivy is almost gone. Who knew that it would last this long?

    We've had a lot of rain lately, frustrating our attempts to get on with the garden. We have more and more ideas we want to try, and it is still too early to plant much besides a few cool weather things like lettuce and broccoli, but we take every opportunity!


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