Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Another Afternoon in the Country

 Another afternoon down at Raft Bayou.
Worked on both vegetable beds
and front flower beds.
Shoveling sand and ecomulch,
hauling rocks, etc.

But progress is visible!
Some of the limbs and undergrowth 
from along the creek bed,
and an area cleared on this side.
The daffodils we planted show up 
much better now.
Just one of several more areas
to tackle on this side of the creek...
before moving to the other side.
Vegetable bed #1 in progress.
It was nice and cloudy,
keeping the temperatures comfortable.
 More dirt for more beds.
One flower bed in progress with 
first layer of stones.  Heavy stones,
when you haul enough of them.
The other flower bed with
less progress.

Fee started the wire panels
that can be removed and planted
vegetable bed #1.

The sun came out about the time
we were ready to call it quits.

We rolled out the black weed barrier,
then put down the cardboard and soaked it,
then shoveled sand and ecomulch
into vegetable bed #2.

Finished flower bed #1
and almost finished flower bed #2.

The vinegar is working for the weeds
in between the stepping stones.
I'll be planting some different varieties of thyme
there when I get the weeds out.

Sedums, succulents,
and Hens & Chicks will go in the spaces
between the stone borders.

Took a nice long, soaking bath
when I got home.
Doused the poison ivy with
more Calugel.

While I soaked,
Fee grilled lamb chops.

What will tomorrow bring?
May be a lie in and pj day.


  1. Great progress...so much work! Is this place close to your house? Love the little rock flowerbeds :)

  2. Lovely!
    I'm feeling a bit envious... It's still snowing here! :-)
    Have a great day.

  3. Looking great. Looks like a lot of hard work. A good soak is well deserved!

  4. Nancy - Thanks! It is about a 40 minute drive...down a country highway, then down another 10 or so miles on a country road, then another three miles or so from the gate. Way back in the country.

    Francoise - Such different seasons! I love the early spring, but hate the long, hot summers.

    Stephie - Hopefully, we will have the little tractor to help us out this weekend--shoveling wears me out!

  5. I thought of poison ivy with a look at the first picture! I'm so allergic I could never play that long with out a cool shower and wash. There's a good wash available now that works well but I'm still careful and scared.

    Your flowers do look happy and the garden should provide tons of veggies with all that mulch. Enjoy your soak and pj's!


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