Tuesday, January 08, 2013

This and That

I found these random facts fascinating.

Here is an example...

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From Improve Photography email:
Test Results:  Best Online Print Lab .
 Interesting that the two with which I'm most familiar are at the bottom for quality and price.

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I can't remember where I first saw
 or heard about the recent curious 
cultural phenomenon 
labeled  Herbivore Men,
 but this behavioral change 
among Japanese men is having 
social, economic, and cultural repercussions.

In one way, it seems amusing,
but the effect is pretty drastic
and has the government concerned.

I've been preoccupied 
lately with tips on cleaning 
and homemade cleaners; 
 Pinterest is full of links.

Perhaps because 
January is not only
 a consciously celebrated
opportunity for new beginnings,
but a subconscious perspective as well.

I made no resolution this year
 to de-clutter and organize
because I've done that so often and have
so often failed to follow through.

Yet, without even thinking about it,
I'm finding myself cleaning out drawers
and reading about the many uses
of baking soda.

This morning, I used a tip I'd recently 
read about.
After cleaning the refrigerator, try 
lining shelves and drawers with cling wrap
to quickly and easily clean up spills.

While cleaning the fridge this morning,
I turned over one of those large jars
of minced garlic to check the expiration date.
The lid wasn't screwed on.


All the work I'd done, 
and it had to be done again.
On the second cleaning go-round, 
I added plastic wrap 
to all the shelves and drawers.
If I'd done it the first time, it would 
have contained the problem somewhat.

And, uh, had I put the lid on tight
(must assume that I was the culprit),
it wouldn't have happened at tall.

Can you imagine what my house smells like?

Looking for tips on 
getting rid of strong odors right now.


  1. Try putting an open box of baking soda in the fridge and, if the whole house smells of garlic, open a bag of charcoal and leave it in the kitchen for several days. It will absorb all smells, so make sure you remove the bag when the garlic is gone if you plan to put out candles or other good scents. Happy New Year.....and next year make a resolution, it's less work!

  2. Mary - I wiped it down with a vinegar and baking soda mixture and put the box of b.s. in immediately. Didn't think of the charcoal. I boiled some water and put in some eucalyptus essential oil and that worked amazingly well and helped my sinuses, too! I kept it simmering for a couple of hours and added drops of the oil occasionally.

    :) I am so rarely in a mood to clean and organize beyond the everyday that I should take advantage of this strange compulsion--but you are right, if I'd made it a resolution, this cleaning spree would have ended within a day!

  3. Oh my!!! Good luck with the cleaning out...and up! Open windows :)

  4. Bake some apples with lots of cinnamon in them -- the garlic smell might still be there but the over-oder will be delicious.

    The moral of your story -- don't clean the fridge!

  5. Arriving via Calender Pages blog was surprised to find that eerie info on Herbivore Men in Japan. Feel sure there must be more to explain phenom than Wikipedia. Must be unsettling for women?

    Dystopian novel I suggest is "Chalcot Crescent" by the British novelist Fay Weldon. Dark and amusing, to this old lady. -naomi

  6. Nancy - :) Yes, open windows helped! It was a mess!

    June - Oooh, apples and cinnamon--great idea! Freshen the air and make dessert all at the same time!

    Naomi - Isn't that a weird development? The possible reasons were interesting and reasonable, but I agree there must be more to it.

    Oh, since I love dystopian novels, I'm putting this one on my wish list!

  7. Oh, what a mess! Sorry. I make no resolutions, unless they are quilting or fun ones. Otherwise I don't keep them. I do set goals throughout the year, especially in the fall. As a professor, that's my real "new year."

    Don't believe everything you read. I recently saw an article that said a professor's job was the LEAST stressful job. I laughed my head off at that!

  8. vinegar, and more vinegar.
    Baking soda would be the other. But be aware, if you just open the box and put it in the fridge, you could knock it over (which I have done) You will go from one mess to the next....
    Thank you for your kind email, and visiting y blog.

  9. Stephanie - Goal-setting works better for me, too. It may just be a matter of semantics, but the idea of working toward a goal is a sort of challenge with no hint of recriminations as long as you make the effort.

    :) Teachers and professors have hugely stressful jobs. Been there, done that.

    Evi -- Oh, yes, the vinegar and baking soda were in full force! The eucalyptus was an added bonus.

    And I'm quite familiar with going from one mess to the next! Live and learn, I guess; sometimes, I'm just slow about the learning. :)


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