Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I'm not sure what is wrong with me.
The housecleaning obsession
 appears to have departed,
but the new obsession is gardening.

And not even at home.
Well, yes, some of it is at home;
the rest, however, is down at the cabin.

We've spent the last two weekends
working on the area behind our cabin.
We've planted peach, apple, fig,
 pear, and plum trees.
And blueberries.
And daffodils down by the tree line 
along the creek.

Fee built two frames for raised beds.
I helped--a little.
Amelia and I planted the daffodils.

Who knows how the vegetable garden
 will turn out?
Right now, we are full of ideas and enthusiasm.
Summer comes earlier and earlier, though,
and hotter and hotter.
I suspect my enthusiasm 
will decrease as the temps increase.

Nevertheless, for the moment at least,
I look forward to the drive to the country,
full of plans and energy.
At home, the back garden 
occupied me during the fall.
Yesterday, garden clean-up was in order.

Picking up little limbs and branches
 that have blown down
over the last couple of months,
weeding, getting leaves out of the pond
and into the compost bag took most of the day.
Good thing we have a TINY back yard!

Cat hair,lol

I've tried several methods for cat hair
 and rely on The Furminator 
(around $20 from Walmart
 and well worth it) 
for grooming The Triad.  
They love it!

The biggest problem is
 they jostle for position 
and push and shove 
to be the one getting the stroking.

With three cats, however, 
there is always an abundance of cat hair.
  The worst location is the cat tower,
 a favorite spot for all three 
and vacuuming just wasn't
 working well enough. 
 Oh, and the fact that I often neglect this chore.  

So I turned to Pinterest for some helpful hints.
     Tried the rubber glove tip 
and was pleased that it worked.
And with little effort.  
Cat tower is now cleaner 
than it has been in a long time!

Rubber glove used to remove pet hair
Antonis Achilleos
Rubber Glove as Pet Hair Remover
Put on a damp rubber dishwashing glove and run your hand over hair-covered upholstery—the hair will cling to the glove, not the sofa. Rinse off the glove in the sink alcohol, two parts water, and a dash of dishwashing liquid onto vinyl wallpaper or 

via Pinterest, via Real

(note: it doesn't work exactly the way 
the picture implies!)

After grooming with the Furminator,
a stroke or two with the rubber glove
also helps pick up fly away hair.

Of course, this is an alternative solution.

u hate cat hair.... solution lol... @Jaime Large-Tanner.    Well  not decor but maybe the family pet

And if all else fails:
Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat

Amelia, something of a smart ass, 
gave me this book.  
I plan to make her a muffler.


  1. Busy hands are happy hands! At least you're accomplishing things...I have found a new thing to occupy my time--HULU. I'm catching up on previous seasons of Downton Abbey. We got a free week trial so I'm cramming them in. Shoot, it's only $8/mo, why worry. It's like getting a coupon and forgetting to take it to the store. Do you buy the needed item anyway? Or do you go home and get the coupon because it expires today. The money you'd spend on gas to do that negates the coupon. Sigh.

  2. Oh, for it to be warm enough to be thinking about gardening. We are supposed to 10 inches of snow in the next day!

  3. Connie Rose - My favorite is those hairless cats!

    Rian - Oh, I love Hulu and Drama Fever! And I love Marathon Series Watching! So much more fun than waiting for each episode. I have to restrain myself to watching only at night, and I embroider while watching-- my excuse/justification.

    Stephie - Today's prediction is for 68 degrees. Can't imagine 10 inches of snow!

  4. It's still way too cold for gardening up here with temps in the -teensC and more snow in the forecast. I envy you the gardening chores and planning, planting and growing.
    I have found that crocs work very well cleaning dog hair from rugs when vacuuming doesn't work too well. I wonder if they'd work on cat hair? I miss not having cats, but it's a serious allergy for me, boohoo.

  5. Funny how everyone envies our weather at this time of the year, but come 100 degrees, they're all "we're so cool here." Glad to hear that you're so enthused about the gardening. Hope it all survives the summer!


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