Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thurs, Dec.20 - Time Does Fly!

This Santa will be the last of my Christmas
projects before the big day.
Fabric, with clay face.
Fabric is gessoed, sanded,
 painted, sanded, crackled,
and sealed with Mod Podge.
I love the leathery feel
 of the fabric after this process.
detail--can't see his bushy white eye brows
Below are a few details I've not shared before.
More of Fee's carved Santas.
And Odie, with a muffler around his neck,
 who has been around for a long time--
since our kids were quite young.
Although I'd hoped to get more 
prim Santas, mice, and sheep 
done before Christmas,
my enthusiasm must have waned
because I found myself reading 
instead of crafting most of the time.

I have about 14 books to be reviewed--
since I have procrastinated on reviewing
for about six weeks or more.
And, although I have finished 
and scheduled several on my book blog,
there are still quite a few left to do.
Bryce Eleanor was here today,
we made butterfly ornaments,
drew fairy houses,
and baked sugar cookies.


  1. that santa is brilliant!
    I love the crackle effect you achieve.
    And Odie is the ultimate dream dog!!!

  2. Love all your decorations that you've shown us. You all have a wonderful Christmas!!

  3. Liniecat - Thanks! I debated about the crackle, as I wasn't sure if I had enough left, but I had just enough. We all love Odie!

    Teresa - Thank you! Hope you and Ricky have a wonderful Christmas, too!

  4. That Santa is awesome, Jenclair. I love the crackled him a Father Christmas feel. His blue eyes look clear and bright.

    Enjoy your company for the holidays,
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Love your Santas! The gesso and crackle technique is awesome. You are an amazing artist!

  6. Mary - This Santa was fun to make; thanks for your kind words!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    Jann - Thank you so much, Jann!

  7. Your Santa looks so cool--the crackling give it that aged look. Just very fun!
    best from Tunisia,

  8. love the Santa's. Looks like a fun project.
    Wishing you all the best for the holidays and the new year.

  9. Nadia - Thanks! Just back from the deep woods with spotty internet coverage and too many kids to even check the blog or email. The best to you in the New Year!

    Evi - Thank you; I've enjoyed all of the Christmas "making" this year! Happy New Year!

  10. I love the crackled look on Santa. Very good. Sounds like you had fun with BE. I wish I could have that energy with my own daughter!


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