Sunday, December 02, 2012

Santas and Twinkle Lights

Fee carved all of our wooden Santas years ago.  We still have a great many, 
although some have gone to Erin and Amelia.

  I love getting them out each year
 and trying to find 
just the right place for them.
This one found his place on the wall,
some are on the mantle,
most of the rest are in an army
on the table.

I'm still debating placement.

One of Laddie's clocks,
another of Fee's Santas,
(if you can find him in the blur),
a vase with tiny ornaments,
and lots of twinkle lights.

The tree?
We still haven't decided
if it is worth the effort.
Afraid of the chaos
the Evil Triad could make
with what they would
consider their new toys.


  1. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...
    Good luck with the triad!

  2. Wow! He is as talented as you are! My, oh, my! Lovely!

  3. Nancy - Slowly, but surely, the decorating continues. The Triad are beginning to ignore the tree, so maybe we will end up decorating it after all. :)

    Stephie - I keep trying to get him to carve more since the girls want their own collections and keep raiding ours!

  4. Oh my goodness he is beautiful! What wonderful work he does.
    Thank you so much for your sweet words about Annabelle.
    Happy decorating!

  5. Gosh, Jenny, I had no idea Fee had talent in that arena. I must show Ricky and see if that inspires him!

  6. Ricky recalls that Fee once made a violin--what happened to it?

  7. Shari - Thank you! And I love your Annabelle and Orville!

    Teresa - :) Ricky should try it; he has such a creative touch at everything he does!

    I don't know about a violin, I'll ask Fee. He made a mandolin once, but I'm not sure where it is.


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