Monday, December 03, 2012

Flow Blue Bowl, Salt & Pepper, Christmas Style

I've had these salt and pepper shakers
of green depression glass since
we lived in Ruston.  
I used to buy depression glass 
from Mrs. Peden
of Peden's Antiques
 for an average of 50 cents a piece.

Filled them with some beads
and made button flowers on wire
to insert in the holes.

Mr. Moose has been around for a long time,
and he is making himself comfortable.

One of Fee's Santas nestles
in one of my grandmother's
flow blue bowls,
surrounded with glittered
magnolia leaves and pods,
some glittered acorns and acorn caps,
and moss.

Of course after photographing this,
 I had to move this from the foyer
to my nightstand...
much too tempting for the Evil Triad.
Although a little glitter in
 Lucy Cat's inky black fur
would be pretty.
As you know,
I love Steve McCurry's
photo blog.
This post,
Step by Step
is my latest favorite.
Oh, this looks too delicious!
Dorset Apple Cake!
Dorset apple cake
Recipe here. 
 Via Fan My Flame.


  1. Love your decorating.... Do you think Fee would make me a Santa? LOL. I love them!

  2. Fee's Santas are beautiful. I'm with MP, he should make them for your fans! Santa looks really special in that setting, especially the bowl. How special!

    Thanks for the apple cake recipe. My daughter in law will really thank you--her favorite cake is apple, so I'll have to try it and share with her.

  3. Beautiful!
    And thanks for the link to Steve McCurry's blog. Superb

  4. Stephie - I can't get the man to carve ME anymore. And I've begged. And the girls have evidently made off with the white ones. But I'll ask--maybe that would be an incentive!

    Mary - :) He carved them all in the early 1980's...
    and hasn't done one since. But I keep trying to persuade him. Doesn't that cake look wonderful! Just the thing for morning coffee.

    Francoise - Thanks! McCurry's blog is always a joy; I can get lost in his photo "essays."

  5. The cake looks yummy and the carved
    santa is adorable. I imagine Lucy would have so much fun with the moss.

  6. Thanks, Sherry! Yes, Lucy would have everything out of the bowl in short order--moss and leaves and acorns, too.


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