Saturday, December 08, 2012

Christmas Vintage Style

I love a mixture of old and new,
the Victorian baby shoes, 
a mirror that is only a few years old
(although just this week painted white),
and one of my"antique" dolls.

Of all the dolls I made in this style, 
she is my favorite,
and she looks a bit Christmas-y to me.

She is a cloth doll, with head and bust 
covered with clay, painted, 
and crackled to give an aged look.
Not that it shows up in this picture.

 I love the baby shoes.
They are so dear,
so soft, so worn.
Someone must have treasured them
long ago, and
I treasure them now.

Should choose a pretty buttonhook
to hang with these shoes.

I love re-used, re-cycled, and handmade.
Although there are still a few
bought decorations from years back
 still cherished and used,
mostly, I prefer vintage, old, and worn,
and handmade items.

Making things...
that's really the best part,
the most fun.

I have two clay snowmen in progress,
inspired by Joanna Parker.
And my attempt at
faux zinc letters.
Yesterday, I grunged up
some muslin and flour sacking.
to make some
prim santas, sheep, and mice.

And buying handmade, of course.
There are so many creative people
who craft and sew and up-cycle!
I love Etsy shopping.

Some favorites :  
Antique Tape Measure Bracelet with Vintage Buttons - Upcycled Measuring Tape
Billow Bird
Billow Bird by Baggaraggs

1930's wooden elephant toy souvenir choose from 4 remaining cities  offered by Elizabeth Rosen

Primitive Folk Art Ellie Pins Elephant Pincushion E-PATTERN by cheswickcompany
The Cheswick Company E pattern

Which Etsy item would you choose?


  1. Sure do love those baby shoes in the frame. Thanks for stopping by to comment on my frame with cranberries. Happy Holiday's to you!

  2. Gotta go check out the Billow Bird! I have my first baby shoes :) And we have my mom's which were bronzed, as they often did in those days :)

  3. I love your doll. Just love her. And those baby shoes are just precious. How do you mount them on that mirror? I would see those baby shoes in an antique store and want them, but I wouldn't know how to use them for decorating.

  4. Beautiful doll! You know, you're killing me... I haven't started yet decorating for Christmas!
    Love your Etsy finds, as always.

  5. SweetInspirations - Thank you, the sweet little shoes make me smile. Happy Holidays to you, too!

    Nancy - Isn't the Billow Bird a cutie? Wouldn't your Mom's bronzed baby shoes look great with some shiny bronze decorations! Wish I had my mother's baby shoes.

    Stephie - Thanks, Stephie! I mounted the shoes with these little suction cup hooks from the hardware section at Walmart. They work great for mounting anything on a glass surface.

    Francoise - :) This is the earliest I've ever decorated! We don't usually even put up the tree until mid-December. Not sure what came over me this year!

  6. I think I would choose the bracelet. I love your doll with the shoes and mirror. You can't go wrong with vintage or handmade.

  7. Love how you've displayed the baby shoes with your Christmas vignette, along with your Victorian style doll. I know your house is looking awesome and how about our spring December weather--I guess that's about to change, but we ate outside Friday night at the Robinson Film Center and I thought it was the perfect Christmas weather! I used to think I needed cold to inspire me to start decorating but I've changed.

  8. Carlene - I love that bracelet, too! Thanks for the nice comment about the doll and shoes!

    Teresa - Thanks, T! Oooh, this morning the front has passed through; what a change from yesterday. Waiting for cold weather to inspire decorating doesn't seem to work anymore. Not when it is nearly 80 degrees for nearly 2 weeks in Dec.

    Now it seems we are going to have several days of really cold weather after all.


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