Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Wednesday Review

Fee and I stood in line for an hour and 45 minutes
to vote yesterday!

It was tiring, but what really was sad:
so many
of the elderly,
 a man who had been through two back surgeries,
 a girl in a wheelchair,
found this very rough going.

Standing in line for nearly two hours is difficult
for anyone, but especially for those who are
really old, in pain, or in other way disabled or ill--
seems unfair.

The fact that there were only 3 voting machines
and one person handling the name check
made for especially slow going.

Other family and friends at different polls
managed to vote with 5-10 minutes.
Next election, we will do early voting!

That will be at least two fewer people in line!
Hunting and gathering

 The squirrels eat the magnolia seeds 
before the magnolia pods fall to the ground.
The pods are so much prettier earlier, 
especially with
the red seeds still in tact.

But I picked these up despite their weathered condition,
because I'm somehow fascinated by the texture of the pods, 
both visual and tactile texture.

I love the golden browns of the leaves,
and they, too, have the benefit
of the velvety texture on the underside of the leaves.
 A few acorns thrown in for good measure.

Today, I'm having lunch with my friend Thomas,
recently returned from his month-long 
trip to Shanghai.


  1. We had a magnolia tree on our front lawn (as a kid growing up). My mom loved those trees, so she had one planted in the back yard too :)
    Love your little still life arrangement!

  2. There were more people working the polls and sufficient voting booths at our voting place, but it took us about 45 minutes to vote early in the morning, because it was crowded in our precinct. I love the excitement of a presidential election and seeing all the people exercising their right to vote. There should be some accommodations made for elderly and "infirm."

  3. I waited for an hour in 25-degree weather....outside. I had my high heels on. My feet were sore and cold! But I got to vote, so I'm not complaining. I love the collection you have. I say again, what an amazing eye you have!

  4. Nancy - Magnolia blooms are so beautiful; easy to understand why your mom loved the trees!

    Teresa - We went at 10:00, thinking most people would be at work. Voting is a privilege and an obligation, and you are right about the excitement of a presidential election. :)

    Stephie - Oh, my! Outside in 25 degree weather sounds like an experience I'm glad we don't have to worry about! And it is worth it for the privilege of casting your vote.

  5. I well know the beauty of magnolia pods with the seeds in them. They are such a pretty shade of red, aren't they? Have you tried picking the leaves green? They last for such a long time, which makes for nice arrangements. I like your mix so much, I'm thinking of putting together a basket of autumn color to set on mom's grave. She always loved such arrangements, so it would be quite fitting and would look good since we have some pretty fall mums from All Saints' Day services. Thanks for the idea!


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