Friday, November 09, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I bought this machinist's case
 while in Eureka Springs.
The shop had several of these, 
and that made choosing a little difficult.
When the top opens, there is a mirror,
and I wondered what machinist would
need a mirror.
The drawers have metal bottoms, however,
which seems appropriate for a machinist,
so perhaps machinists needed to check
their appearance on occasion.
 I've filled the drawers with
some of my paraphernalia.
 Found these sweet leather baby shoes
at another shop, for less than half the price
I've seen them elsewhere.

 Fee bought a few more button hooks, 
so I included three.
 The tasseled button-up shoes are Victorian and
the button hooks would probably 
have been used on them.
Both pairs are so soft, 
and I love the 
thought of the children 
who had such soft and comfortable footwear.
The Alzheimer's Quilt Initiative
raised $75,000 dollars for research 
at this year's 
International Quilt Festival in Houston!

You can read more about the great work
this organization does 
(or about how to contribute
by donating a 9 x 12 quilt) here.
I've been working on some stuffies.
Three of which are witches.

That means 4 witches in total 
that are in progress.
Oh, and several skeletons.

Can't decide if I'm way behind
or way ahead
on Halloween projects!


  1. Beautiful finds. One just doesn't find goodies like these where I live -- except in the antique stores, at unreasonably high prices. I love old oak anything, refinished a few pieces myself back in the day. Sadly I had to sell a prize (to me) sideboard a few years back because I needed the money and I had no room for it in my home. Fortunately I had 15 years use of it.

    Have a great weekend! xo

  2. Eureka Springs is such a neat place. Your case is so nice and has such beautiful wood. The mirror is a mystery. Fun finds!

  3. Oh no doubt about it, you are way ahead! Congrats on the fund raiser. That machinist chest is a wonderful piece. I love it! It has so many possibilities. I love baby shoes. I bought a pair of pink felt ones at an estate sale. Today on Debra's Common Ground blog she spotlighted a shop. In one of the pics they had turned a baby shoe into a pincushion. I thought it was sweet.

  4. Jenclair~
    What a find you have in the Gerstner tool box! Is that what it is?
    My boyfriend was a machinist and has that same tool box!! It belonged to an old girfriend's grandpa, was made in the 1930's. It has the little frame, but no mirror anymore. He said he has no idea why the little mirror is there. We researched them a while back. Evidently they have quite the following. It is recommended that only the company restore them. There is an 'owner's club' for gosh sakes!!! He also told me that the drawers come with green felt liners in them. His are long gone.
    Here is the website if you are interested:
    The Google search showed some for sale too.
    Yours was sure fun to see!

  5. Connie - I was expecting higher than local prices in Eureka Springs and was so surprised to find such bargains. I can sympathize with your selling your sideboard, I sold mine, too.
    No room for it, but still regret it.

    Connie - Love Eureka Springs; such a great place to visit. I've since discovered (thanks to Nancy's comment) that the mirrors were standard, but it is still a mystery as to why!

    Jann - I've seen the baby shoe pincushions! So sweet!
    Dawn Edmondson makes them, too.

    Nancy - After looking at the link, I nearly broke my neck getting upstairs to check. Mine is not a Gerstner, but I found one just like mine with further research, and I still got an INCREDIBLE bargain! Thanks for sharing the link; I learned a lot more about these boxes.

  6. Love, love, love your machinist box or case. And an incredible bargain to boot? Now that is just good karma! I like the little Victorian shoes just as much, but I've learned something from you: I had no idea what those hooks were for. I've seen them before but now I HAVE to know how they were used! Was it to pull the buttonhole or loop over those tiny buttons? I bet the next time I see one, I won't walk away from it!


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