Sunday, November 04, 2012

So Many Projects, So Little Time

Hanging out.
Stinker and Lucy keep an eye on
what's going on in the neighborhood.
Another view, with a boost.
 You can bet Stinker and Lucy
when Bryce Eleanor arrived.
Edgar, however, puts up with
almost everything the kid
can dish out.  
He is a marvel of patience.

With a little help (!?),
I made another burlap wreath,
by cutting strips of burlap
and knotting them.
My helper's strips
were not all usable.
Oh, actually, none of my helper's strips
were usable because she quit.

Getting dependable help
from a four-year-old is tricky.
 I'm getting quite good at re-purposing.
The strips are tied
an old grapevine wreath,
after removing all 
of the previous wreath incarnation.

It took NO time to cut and tie the strips
on this small wreath
and add
a few leaves and hydrangea blooms from
last year's arrangement that the 
Evil Triad disassembled twice
before I gave up.

Good thing about artificial leaves--
they are almost impervious to damage
and last forever. 

The butterfly wreath
 is having it's butterflies removed, 
they will be replaced with maple leaves 
cut from book pages.

I would like to use 
some freshly fallen leaves,
but so far, nothing 
really colorful in the neighborhood.

The weather has not been conducive
 to great color this year, 
at least on the trees easily available.

Acorns are plentiful, though. 
 B.E. and I have collected plenty of acorns...
maybe I'll add some acorns to 
the ex-butterfly wreath.

I have to finish my list of chores,
the mundane necessities of this life
that make life better, even if they are tedious.
I've been alternating between this post
and 10 minute chore activities,
but now I have to do those that
take more time.  

Only then can I go up to the studio and play!


  1. I especially love that quilt underneath the paper leaves. Have we seen a photo of it? Have a lovely Sunday and a great week! xo

  2. She's about as much help as my 8-year-old! :-) But the wreath looks just great!

  3. Connie -- Thanks! I made that one back 2005, and the other day, I got out some of the art quilts I had stored and found a couple that I was fond of to rotate. :)

    Stephie -- I've done several burlap wreaths, but that was the fastest and the simplest! And I was glad that B.E. quit early because she was really struggling to cut the burlap with "her" scissors, and I was helping her more than the other way around!

  4. Looks like you have a couple of great watch cats. lol! I am a big fan of burlap. I made a garland last year for Christmas using the same idea. Liked it so much that I left it out in my bedroom all year. Love the book page leaves. I've been wanting to cut a few but haven't yet.
    p.s. now following you.

  5. Jann - Oh, the cats are good at watching, but little else! No guard cat abilities.

    I like the idea of a burlap garland!


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