Monday, November 05, 2012

Lord, I Hope this Day Is Good...

I'm certainly eclectic in all areas of my life, 
and music is no exception.  
I love classical and contemporary, 
country and pop, 
poetic lyrics and rhythms that make your feet want to dance.

 Although I'm not at all feeling
"empty and misunderstood,"
the lyrics from
Lord, I Hope this Day Is Good
 have been running through my mind this morning.

Don William is a favorite, 
and Fee and I were lucky enough to see him
 years ago at the Strand Theater.
He is as personable and down-to-earth
as his music and lyrics.

Perhaps my very favorite D.W. song 
(and I know I've posted about this one before) is

Good Old Boys Like Me

"When I was a kid, Uncle Remus would put me to bed..."  
Uh, huh.  Me, too.
And how I loved the Briar Patch and the Tar Baby.

Good Old Boys that Don Williams mentions include:
 The "Williams boys, Hank and Tennessee," 
 Wolfman Jack
 (born in Brooklyn, 
the Wolfman was actually a DJ in Shreveport in the 60's),
and Thomas Wolfe...  
Don Williams runs the Southern Gamut:
Country and Literary.
I've been trying some new projects, 
leaving so many WIPs abandoned
for the moment.

Thanksgiving decorations don't inspire 
the same enjoyment as other holidays.
Turkeys and Pilgrims are nice,
but kind of generic.
I mean,
you can't really mess with the idea of
Thanksgiving like you can with

But I do love autumn decorations.
The season of lovely leaves
(although that doesn't seem to be 
happening this year in our area), pumpkins, 
goldenrod, scarecrows, hot chocolate, 
soups, hayrides, and comfort foods.
So much for which to be thankful.

I glued birch bark to a tin can
 and used it as a vase.
Of course,
it can't remain here in the Evil Triad's 
sunning spot,
but must go on a shelf, out of reach.
I removed all of the book page butterflies
from this wreath and replaced them
with autumn leaf shapes.

Another quick and easy project.
Well, except for cutting out the leaves....

Have a great day, y'all!


  1. Maybe you could throw darts at old english soldiers pictures.......that might constitute an alternative Thanksgiving activity????? lol
    Nice idea with the bark slivers though! Neat!

  2. I can't believe that I'm admitting to this, but I remember Wolfman Jack. When my best friend and I discovered how much we loved the radio "The Wolfman" was our DJ. He played lots of everything and since we hadn't yet developed a sense of good/bad, we listened to anything. Rod Stewart and Elton John were favorites. Of course, any thing rock and roll and even some hard rock were all mixed in there. Whew, Jenclair, that required some reaching way deep into the cobwebs!

  3. Those colors are all so YOU. They remind me of your encrusted pieces.

  4. I too love all kinds of music. Well maybe not hard rock and rap. But a good variety. Something about it just soothes the soul. Heading to bed so I will hop back to listen to the videos. Your Fall projects turned out great!

  5. Liniecat - We throw darts at the red coats on the 4th of July! :O

    Mary - Your comment reminds me of Don William's song, "Listen to the Radio." Who listens to the radio anymore? The only time I do is when I'm in the car. Radio has become a vintage item, hasn't it? Cobwebs, indeed!

    Stephanie - I play favorites with color? Oh, yes, I guess I do!

    Jann - Don Williams is great for soothing--so mellow. He is a master of the Southern lullaby. :)

  6. I love all the textures and colors that you have in this post. Your wreath looks especially wonderful.

  7. Thanks, Valerie! I'll probably replenish the butterflies when spring arrives. Such a flexible wreath.

  8. What a nice post here! Don Williams is one of the most talented musicians of latest years for sure, my favorite song by him is I Believe in Love, so sweet. And your craft looks amazing too, really enjoyed the idea.

  9. Don Williams's music such a pleasure!

    I like I Believe in Love, too. :)


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