Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Just For Fun!

What do you do with over 500 sweaters 
that you have knitted and stored, 
 but that have never actually been worn?
  Find out in this delightful video!  
Notice the variety in designs, colors, 
and sizes of all of these sweaters!

(I have to disable the video because it keeps playing automatically!

but it really is wonderful and you can find it here.)

I've watched several times
and smile each time.
Sandy of Quill Cottage 
for many different (and beautiful)
on her Quill Cottage Christmas blog
Have fun with these!

 from Refab Diaries.

I'm just beginning to do a little
 Christmas decorating.
Put some basil (which I hope will root)
and cedar greenery in little glass jars
in a wire basket and 
one of Fee's Santas 
in the lantern.

Our evil triad (of cats) cannot 
pull out the greenery
if I put it in the lantern.

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  1. Very clever Jenclair "hiding" the greenery from the Triad!!

  2. Love the video! And my guy just made 4 spoon rings! Gifts :)

  3. I love the greenery in the lantern! Now, it isn't really snowing by you, right?

  4. I don't know which I think is more brilliant--protecting the greenery from the cats by putting it in the lantern or that video! I'd love to know the story of those 500 sweaters, knit and stored, but never worn. (And who has room to store 500 sweaters?)

  5. Sherri - I'm always on the defensive with anything regarding the Triad!

    Nancy - Isn't that video the best? Lucky you with the spoon rings--they will be great gifts!

    Stephie - :) No, it isn't snowing. Been playing with Pic Monkey!

    Sophie - Oh, the Triad, they drive me to such extremes. I found my feather duster in a feathery mess. Guess they thought it was a bird.

    The video is so happy, and I love seeing all those people in the sweaters! What a great idea someone had!

  6. Fabulous! I loved it. Great idea of putting the greenery behind glass. It's looks so festive with the falling snow.

  7. Love the lantern!
    Thanks for sharing.


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