Monday, October 29, 2012

The Power of Manipulation

Found via OC Cottage -- 
What if cats had opposable thumbs? 
All I can say is that the members of our Evil Triad 
cause enough chaos without that added advantage.

(we've already had to replace the latch handles
at our house with round knobs 
 the Triad members would hang on the handles
and open the doors)

It is frightening to consider what they could do 
with opposable thumbs!

 Fee's old shirts make excellent smocks 
or with the arms around my waist
 they become aprons.
This summer, I cut up one of them 
and made myself 

The one below, I've been embroidering.
When waiting for paint or clay to dry,
I take off the shirt and start stitching.

Just stitching, with no design, with nothing in mind.

I use odds and ends of thread first.
Then when all those long enough to re-use are gone, 
I'll just choose a few colors to work with.


  1. OMG Jenclair, I had to share that cats with thumbs ad on my FB page. I am still laughing. I hope you are going to share your completed project. Stitching with no design in mind sounds like a fun thing to do.

  2. Oh that cat video...soooo funny!

  3. That was a funny, funny piece of business. I think the reason cats never evolved opposable thumbs is because they didn't need to... they have people.

  4. Is not the idea of cats with opposable thumbs something to be thankful never developed!?!

  5. Connie-- Is not that funny? :) Cats already have enough power over their humans!

    Nancy-- I laughed and laughed at this one. definitely not sharing with the Evil Triad at our house!

    Rian--You are right! They really do have a subservient race to tend to their needs!

  6. Thanks for the laugh with your post today. I had a cat about 30 years ago who could open a round door knob. She would hang from the decorative molding on the door and use her back feet on the knob - yowling the whole time.

  7. Its a really great ad on tv that true! I must admit Cravendale milk is the very tastiest too.
    When I was in cat rescue we had a run on kittens with 'thumbs' which I adored, but many thought was witchy wierd.
    One batch had 5 fingered front feet and 6 fingered back it were! They had such wide feet stood standing lol but I adored them.
    So I can see no wrong in opposable thumbs for cats lol

  8. You are so creative. I love how you can do that!

  9. Hilarious! Thanks for the thought, now I'm curious: just what could they manage?

  10. Ricky and I wouldn't stand a chance if all the cats that hang around our house waiting for a free handout had thumbs! They would probably use them to show their appreciation--yeah, right, just like they do now.

  11. Sara-- Your cat took a creative approach to the problem! No need for opposable thumbs there. :)

    Liniecat-- Such a great commercial! I would have loved those kittens with extra fingers and toes, too.

    Stephen-- Thanks! The goal is only to cover the area. No thinking required with this kind of stitching.

    Mary-- Considering what cats can do w/o opposable thumbs....

    Teresa-- I can just see all of the neighborhood cats in line giving you "thumbs up" signals!


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