Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Road Trip

We got back last night from our little trip into Arkansas.
Saturday night we spent at the Arlington in Hot Springs, then
on Sunday, we drove on up to Eureka Springs.

The foliage was not impressive.  
 Locals said this had not been a good foliage season.
Nevertheless, Fee and I had a wonderful time.

Eureka Springs would be a wonderful place to live;
the town itself is old and beautiful,
and because everything is up and town steep hills,
exercise would be a daily regimen.

I didn't take very many pictures.
Left the camera in the room or in the car,
as often as not.  We did take some pictures 
on the way to Eureka Springs.

Early morning pictures below
from our hotel in Eureka Springs.
The town is down hill.
The Crescent Hotel was built in 1886
and has a fireplace in every room.
And floors that creak with every step.

I could kick myself for not taking more pictures.
A frequent complaint, but I'm so easily distracted
and so busy looking that I forget about the camera.

These pics are from Arkansas:  The Natural State.
We stayed 2 nights at the Crescent Hotel, 
on the third floor.
The elevator didn't work-- 
Pity the poor young men who have to deal with luggage.
Crescent Hotel overlooking the town.
We hit a bunch of antique malls and flea markets,
and I made quite a few purchases 
of junk no one else would want, but
we also got some Christmas shopping done.
Beat the crowds and lots of interesting stuff 
from which to choose.

We had planned to go back through Hot Springs 
spend another night there,
but Fee decided he was OK with the long drive 
and would rather go on home.

Breaking up the drive with frequent stops
at a bunch of antique shops made it easier 
because we could get out and walk around, 
but I was exhausted when we got in last night...
and I wasn't the one driving!

Today's Agenda:
unpacking, putting away, and laundry.


  1. What a trip. I am always amazed how beautiful Arkansas is. I never expect it.

  2. How bad is it that I just got back from the Houston Quilt Show and am wishing I could go to that quaint quilt shop in your photo? Glad you had a great time. It's wonderful to be married a while and still enjoy each other's company! Expecting pics of your "junk no one else would want." I'm betting a few readers will be jealous.

  3. Stephie -- Arkansas is beautiful, and Eureka Springs offers so much to do. We missed the Zombie Walk, though!

    Mary -- Ha! The quaint little quilt shop didn't have much that I was interested in, so you didn't miss much. I know you saw the best in Houston!


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