Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I wanted a small puppet, 
and a witchy head emerged.
I was thinking black and white,
and the bat fabric and Corriedale roving
were in my stash.

A simple pattern,
a simple dress.
But the head alone is about an inch in height, 
and I'd really imagined something very small.
Her hair is Corriedale roving.
With the paper cone hat and a dress,
things were turning out much larger
than what I had in mind.

This wasn't going to be the tiny puppet
of my intention.

So...what to do?

Give up on the tiny puppet idea.
Try something else.
Experimented with fabric stiffener on the dress.
Made some clay hands.
Still not working.

Another head and no immediate
idea of what to do,
where to take it.

May be time to call it a day.
Move on to something else.
Like the papier mache box
and clay figure.
Uh oh.
Losing interest in that one, too.

The second paper mache box:
covered with book pages.
Halloween figures--
black cat.
Waiting for clay to dry.
Might work.
Skeleton in wooden cigar box.
Might work.
Will keep trying on these.

I think I can work at least one of them
into something,
given some time and thought.


  1. Jenny, I love the Little Eccentric crone with the white hair!!

  2. Okay, everyone, listen up--next year at Jen's house for Halloween!

  3. Fun to see your experimenting :)

  4. Teresa - :) Thanks! She is in a bit of a pickle right now, but maybe in a couple of days, she'll give me a hint about what to do with her.

    Rian - Save the date! It will definitely be another Bloody Mary occasion! We'll do the Monster Mash! Designated Witch Parking. All others will be toad!

    Nancy - I'm going to finish up the some sculpting details on the clay pieces today, then I'm going to give Halloween a rest for this year! This has been a last minute frenzy, and we won't even be in town for the trick or treaters this year!

  5. Hope you came up with just the right combo!! I love your decorating for Halloween!

  6. Thanks, Sherri! Fall is such an inspiring time of year--cooler weather, fall color, and my favorite holiday!

  7. Im with Rian on her idea lol But whats the problem?
    These arent 'notquite-rights' no, these are possibilities proving your multi
    These are like a sampler of possibilities......well done you!

  8. Liniecat - Come One, Come All - a little Practical Magic will be good for us!

    from the movie:

    Sally Owens: And I don't want them dancing naked under the full moon!
    Aunt Jet Owens: No, of course. The nudity is entirely optional. As you well remember!


  9. Well, it may not be what you intended, but I love the little witch!

  10. Thanks, Stephie! I'm still thinking about how to finish her; she may have to wait until next year!


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