Monday, October 08, 2012

Monday Musings

I've gotten everything off the floor in the studio
and have room for my yoga mat again.
It is satisfying to have things 
less cluttered, 
better organized, 
for however short a time.
rooting more basil and coleus in studio window

 embroidered book pages
Not much creating going on at the moment
and fewer blog posts as well.
When projects come to a stand-still,
I fill the time with other activities.

view from studio window onto zinnias in the front 

  I've planted anemones, coreopsis, echinacea, 
and heuchera in the back garden 
and some bulbs in the front.
Our weather has been perfect for these activities lately.
Cooler than usual for this time of year 
for nearly three days now.

Catching up with reviews on my book blog
 has been another filler activity,
and I have several books in the TBR pile.
Looking forward to spending pleasant time
in my reading chair with books stacked
next to me, the Kindle loaded,
and a cup of green tea.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Very peaceful.
    Love the embroidered pages.

  2. Lovely days over your way :)
    I remember the coleus plant as one of our favorites in high school. My friends and I had many of them, in a nice variety of colors :)

  3. What a lovely post, Jen. I LOVE your idea of the embroidered book pages, how unique. I should have rooted some basil while my plant was still in good shape. Left it outside in a pot but I think the frost may have done it in.

  4. Francoise - Thanks! It is getting to difficult to embroider the pages now because of all the thickness added with folding!

    Nancy - Yes, we have been having lovely weather, but will be warming back up to the 80's according to the forecast--still not bad for this time of year. Coleus is a favorite because of color and easy nature of the plant!

    Connie - Thanks! The pages make an interesting format for embroidery. I'm hoping to have fresh basil for a while yet, but the outdoor plants are about worn out.

    Connie Rose - :) Since I don't have any ideas at the moment for current projects, the book pages have been keeping my hands busy!

  5. I love the stitched pages too!!

  6. What a clever idea for thread storage. I really, really love your embroidered pages!

  7. Liniecat - Thanks! They were fun to do until the book got to awkward.

    Stephie - :) I don't use my hoops all that often and have several hanging on the wall, so decided to give it a try!

  8. Hey Jenclair, those coleus are beautiful. I love the red down the center veins. I'm enjoying the weather also, but I'm not getting anything planted.

    You're really getting along with those embroidered book pages. I don't think I'd start just because there are so many to have to embroider.

    Have a great weekend,

  9. Mary - Even though it is warming up, the temperatures are still in the pleasant range, aren't they?

    I don't embroider every page, Mary; I may embroider one, then fold it in with several others. Still the thickness gets to be a problem. I'm going to try something different today!


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