Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gangnam Style! Op, Op

OK, you all know by now that I'm addicted to Korean Drama, but I've also become quite fond of K-pop (Korean Pop) and Gangnam Style.

I'm sure Psy had no idea that Gangnam Style would take off like it has, but it has become a world-wide phenomenon.  Watch Psy teach Ellen Degeners Gangman Style:

Funny version with Dead Pool:

Flash Mobs in Barcelona, Bangkok, Jakarta, Berlin, London, and at universities in the U.S.  are having a blast with this one!

A version from India.

News reports from all over the world with stories about K-pop and Gangnam Style.


  1. This is funny. I never heard of it, which shows how out of it I am. So, do you dance like this in the privacy of your workroom to stir things up a bit?!

  2. I will admit that it is harder than it looks! That is all I'm willing to say!

  3. Hm, must work nicely with your yoga. Which do you do first, though, get the blood moving or calm the spirit?

  4. I meant to tell you, my students showed me one day trying to convince me to give it a try. I bowed out saying I was afraid for my back. The truth: my panic at the thought of doing this on youtube for eternity!

  5. Mary-- as I told Teresa, the less said about my attempts at Gangnam style, the better.

    Yah! Wouldn't that be just our luck-- caught out an sentenced to YouTube eternity!


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