Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Busy Weekend

Saturday, my crafty partner and I 
had lunch 
and did some shopping
 at Michael's and the Dollar Tree. 

I came away with two (creepy!) rats, 
some wooden rounds for Santos style dolls,
 glitter, cheap skellies, some modeling clay for B.E., 
some small paper mache boxes, etc.
I've already begun working on one of the boxes.

The rats were so ugly!  But after adding glitter, 
they sparkle
and look a lot better!

Sunday afternoon, my friend with the lovely library
(you know my library envy),
came for a visit.
Drinking Bloody Mary's, we had a great gab fest.
It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
You can visit Teresa here at [Her] Highland Cottage.
Last week, I added some Halloween touches 
to a doll that was already dressed 
in black and white.
She now has a witches hat,
a black cat,
some bats,
a needle felted ghost and pumpkin,
and has been caged 
and hung on the chandelier above the table.

Monday was a teacher work day at Bryce Eleanor's school,
so she stayed with me.
We collected roly-poly bugs, planted a sage,
made a haunted house out of boxes, 
glittered a spider ring,
created blue creatures out of special clay,
played Sneaky Snake....

Today, I'll be cleaning up again.
Mopping the kitchen floor.
Putting away.
Easing back into my more relaxed schedule.


  1. That is so much fun. She must really enjoy spending time with you. I love your Halloween decorations!

  2. Jenny, I had a ball and love the new "eccentric" in the cage. There was so much to see that I missed her. The rats are much better glittered, and I love the handiwork you and Bryce Eleanor created. Thanks for having me and we won't wait 6 months for a return engagement! I just adored your Halloween decorations and it cleared my head, enabling me to work on my writing projects for work yesterday and today!

  3. What fun projects for the two of you. I'm loving your Halloween decor. I'm still not motivated to decorate but enjoying yours at least. Our grands were here last weekend and it took two days to recover! Maybe I should try your entertainment tactics and put them to work on projects!

  4. Stephie - :0 Some people just never grow up! B.E. and I have a great time playing. Be sure and post a picture of Baby Pea's Haunted House!

    Teresa - I had a great time! Even though I bought the rats with the intention of painting or glittering, they were so nasty looking, I wasn't sure they would work. Since they were only $1, it was worth the risk. B.E. loved them--so they aren't totally disgusting.

    Mary - I really don't care that much about decorating...it is the making that is so much fun! Isn't it funny how enjoying the grands requires post-visit recovery time? Projects at least keep kids busy, and I firmly believe that have lasting benefits as well. I used to have Mila organize my buttons, which was useful for me. :)

  5. Not that you probably WANT a job, but you could make Halloween decorations to sell--they are so clever. I don't go in big for decorating either, but a LOT of people go hog-wild for Halloween! There are whole stores out here--giant ones--that open just for the Halloween season!

    Not too sure about the sparkly rats, though. Have to be honest about that. They kind of give me the Willards.

  6. Snort! Rian, I'd never DELIBERATELY give anyone the Willards!


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