Thursday, September 20, 2012

In Progress

Figures and strange creatures are populating my brain.
I'm working on several new Eccentrics.

I've been spending my days with 
these three heads and thinking 
about personalities and bodies. 

Sculpt, refine, wait
for pieces to dry,
sand, gesso, sand, gesso,
paint, seal

These pictures are in their early stages.
They are looking a little better now,
although still in smooth/sand/gesso stages.

Ideas for their bodies...well, I have several 
and am beginning to try some of them out 
to see whether or not they will work.

And I signed up for a Linda Hollerich online class
that starts today,
but I'm hesitant to begin a new figure
with three already in progress.

This is the second online class I've signed up for 
(I took a class last year around this time) 
in hopes of learning new techniques and tips
 for working with clay.  This one should be helpful, too.

I just need to get at least one of my figures finished
before beginning something new.


  1. Those look good, Jenclair. A bit ghostly because they're so white, still, but I like the facial features and am anxious to see how they end up. Have fun with the online class. Is it odd that I've taught online but have yet to take a class that that way?

  2. are so good at creating expressions for each one :)

  3. Mary - You get out and go to workshops and quilt shows where you observe in person, I don't guess you really need online classes to keep up with what is new in the quilting world! You'll be heading to Houston in November; hope you attend some good workshops while there.

    Nancy - Thanks, Nancy, I really do want each doll to be one-of-a-kind. They don't really achieve expressions I want, though; I have to settle for the expressions they want!

  4. Really cool That first one is making me think of Steampunk.

  5. Love the first one. I don't know who's this Steampunk btw.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. Stephie - I've been wanting to do another Steampunk figure for a while now. These are not intentionally Steampunk, but may develop that way!

    Francoise - Thanks! Steampunk is a literary and artistic genre. Here is one of my Steampunk Eccentrics. They are such fun to make!

  7. So interesting! Great work...

  8. Thanks! Regards to Anya, Queen of All Things Purple!


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