Monday, September 24, 2012

In the Mail

I've gotten some lovely new threads lately.
From Stef Francis - threads, silk ribbon,
 and silk throwster waste.  (above and below)

 And from Rainbow Girl - threads and
 hand dyed silk carrier rods.

Lovely, lovely, lovely.

I have handled them a lot--
trying to dream up a project that will 
require these lovely threads.

Because soon dolls will be abandoned 
and stitching will begin again.

I finished Clio, the book doll, but I'm not entirely happy
with the head.  She kept changing as I worked on her,
and may need to have her head replaced.
Off With Her Head...and all that.
I'll show pictures of her tomorrow with her current head.


  1. Hey, have you got a towel handy? I'm looking at those lovely threads and drooling all over my keyboard.......!

  2. Those are so yummy looking!

  3. OooooH...they Are Lovely!

  4. Suz - Ha,ha--of course, I have a towel handy, but I'll get another one for you! Truly drool-worthy threads.

    Stephie - And I have the threads from Cosmos due any day! A wealth of threads to play with.

    Nancy - Time for deciding on a new project, eh?

  5. Nice! Looks like you're gearing up for a new project?

  6. Judy - Not yet sure what the project will be, but couldn't resist these beauties. I will have to figure out something soon so I can quit obsessing about them!


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