Wednesday, September 26, 2012


This one is my favorite new Eccentric.

 I think he is a monk.
 Nancy suggested filling the niche with miniature books, 
and I did-- using a miniature book printable over clay.
 They didn't show up very well, though.

So, thinking he looked Oriental, I made him 
some spice jars instead.

 I'm not sure why this one appeals to me so much, 
but he has become my new favorite.
Fee, on the other hand, 
just said,

Which means that it is 
definitely not

And so it goes.

I'm working on the new head and using the headpiece
originally planned for Clio,
the one discarded for upholstery fringe hair.

But these Eccentric projects 
are being sidelined for now.
They are at standstills.
Some sudden inspiration is required,
and who knows when it will arrive.

Oh, and my new Cosmos threads arrived!
Stephie praised them, 
and anyone can see how beautiful they look
on her quilt block.

After reading Stephie's comments about
the Cosmos threads (versus DMC),
I had to try them myself.
They are beautiful and have a lovely sheen,
but I haven't tried them yet.

Have a good Wednesday!


  1. I like his little jars :) I think he is so charming, in part, because of the leaning forward of his head, whispy hair and expression. You have a real gift with their faces.

  2. I'm voting with Fee on this one, but he is nice and that's not bad.

  3. Nancy - Thanks! The opening is only about 3/4" and the books were a bit snug, so tiny pottery jars were final choice. I have the books ready for when the need arises again!

    Teresa - Yeah, Fee likes the Clio, the book doll, but I like the odd face on this one better.

  4. It's the facial expression on his little sweet face. What an awesome job you did with that! And yes, a little Buddhist monk, I think is right on for this persona. So, I do have a Himaylan mountains quilt with a Tagore quote in the October auction ;) Oh, I will stoop at anything for AAQI ;) Forgive me your little holiness!

  5. Michele, you sly fox, you! Here is a link to Michele's quilt - excellent cause, all quilts donated, money goes to Alzheimer's research. Who doesn't know someone suffering from Alzheimer's Disease or caring for a loved one who has been diagnosed?

    His Holiness sends his blessings!

  6. Oh, I'll take blessings from his holiness, too! He does look really nice, but the Clio is still my favorite. Her hands really do something for me. I'm wondering how tiny these hands must be to stir in these pots. Which, by the way, are pretty fantastic. The colors help to bring them out so they aren't lost. I can see why his holiness would be a favored eccentric.

  7. I like him, too! I thought he looked oriental as well. How fun.

    Glad your Cosmo arrived. I hope you like it! I'll feel bad if you don't! :-) You are much more experienced with needlework than I, so I'll be interested in your opinion!

  8. Mary - :) Yes, the colors had to be bright; everything else I tried kept getting lost.

    Stephie - Thanks! And although I haven't used any of my new threads (Stef Francis, Rainbow Girl, and Cosmo), I love the sheen to the Cosmo threads. Funny how I all of a sudden had to have all these new threads when I'm not even embroidering right now.


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