Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dragon Boat Races and New Eccentric

The Dragon Boat team we sponsor, headed by our son-in-law and crewed by friends, won first place again this year!

Photo: Foo Dogs!
Foo Dogs
The latest Eccentric is finished.  He reminds of a circus figure for some reason.
Air dry clay, rusted wire piece (not sure if it was for toasting bread or not -- the little circle moves down to tighten the prongs), twigs, button, sari ribbons.  
I like the way the sari ribbons gave him a boost of color.

Right now, I have more ideas for new Eccentrics than I have time or clay to make.  I'm writing some of them down because eventually I'll get tired of making clay figures and give it up again for several months, and I want to remember some of the possibilities I've been considering.


  1. So cool on both! ;-) Love the new doll!

  2. By the way, I'm going to do this. I love Colleen (the instructor). Guaranteed fun. I thought you might be interested:

  3. Love the idea of the wire frame or whole body replacement!

  4. Stephie -Thanks! I know you'll enjoy Colleen's class. Last month, I signed up for a class by Linda Hollerich that starts in a few days. I still haven't gotten all the supplies!

    virtual quilter - :) Saves so much time!

  5. Love this little guy, Jennie! His figure does suggest lightness and movement.

  6. Thanks, Teresa! He was a fun little piece to put together!


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