Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Beads

More beads added to sleeves and bodice.  Poor dear needs some hair and...well, she still needs legs.  I've thought about making another Santos style out of her, but have not decided yet.  She will need a skirt of some kind which will require more (lots more) of manipulated fabric and beads.

She is a cloth doll covered with clay. I think I'm going to change up the pattern on the next one.

Still working on the head for the hand mixer.  I have to replace the batteries in my flash to take some pictures, but the baker eccentric is coming along.  And, yes, since his body is a hand mixer, he is going to be a baker.  He will need a hat and maybe a cake.  I've given the mixer, especially the rusted parts, a first coat of sealer.  Rusted is fine, but I have to hold it to work on it and don't like getting rust on my hands. 

I made linguine with turkey sausage and a delicious pesto of spinach, walnuts, and freshly shredded Parmesan last night and some baked sweet potato wedges with a basil pesto.  Love that food processor, makes the pesto recipes so quick and easy.  Made a carrot pesto the other day, and it was pretty good, too, but my favorite is the spinach, walnut, and Parmesan recipe. 

:)  Best part?  Left overs for tonight!

I finally managed to review Ship Breaker and The Windup Girl by Paolo Bacigalupi on my book blog.  I have several more reviews to write, but I'm pleased to get at least two out of the way.

On to the laundry and a few chores and then to play time in the studio...


  1. I, too, love spinach pesto!

  2. Connie - Spinach pesto and spinach salads....mmmmmmm!

  3. The pesto sounds de-lish! And she is quite well-dressed! Lookin' great :)

  4. She going to be so pretty. Love the beads you added.

  5. Nancy - They were all good and a good way to use up some of the extra basil from the garden. The carrot one was unusual, and I think I will experiment with it some more.

    Francoise - She is still a bit shy (her current baldness bothers her), but she likes beads and shiny things. :) thanks, Francoise!

  6. She is coming along nicely. Love watching your progress.

    All the food sounds so good!

  7. She is slowly taking shape, but has a long way to go! I still have not begun working on the manipulated fabric for her skirt, but I've begun the process of a Santos cage. :)


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