Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Musings

 Remember this manipulated piece of raw silk from last fall?

I've cut it up and used it to make a bodice and sleeves for a new doll (well, a doll that was in progress from several months ago).  Then I added an encrusted piece.
Then I began adding beads to the sleeves.

I worked on this while watching Episode One of Arang & the Magistrate--a romantic comedy about a ghost who has lost her memory and the handsome, but cynical magistrate who can see ghosts--

Arang & the Magistrate is a lot of fun, and I can work on tedious things with pleasure while watching.


  1. Oh. Wow. That is seriously amazing. Took my breath away! Wow!

  2. Stephie - Thanks! Most of the stuff I do has no real purpose at the time, but eventually, I find a way.

    I have several ideas for the encrusted pieces, but I din't know if I'd ever use the manipulated raw silk. It was mostly a form of meditation at the time--now I'll do more!

  3. thats great fabric manipulation and a very smart dolls clothing project!
    Will bookmark the film looks really interesting so thanks for that too!

  4. liniecat - Thanks! I'm glad I got to use that piece--it works nicely for the doll's clothing.

    I think you'll enjoy Arang & the Magistrate!

  5. Already incredible and you're just getting started! Way to knock my socks off!

  6. Rian - :) You make me feel good about this one! Thanks, Rian.

  7. Great use of the encrusted piece! She looks well-dressed already!

  8. Nancy - Her dress is much more elegant than her face!


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