Friday, August 17, 2012

Discovered a new Etsy shop with some great patterns and labels--
check out Sweetwater's shop-! 
Jar Sewing Kit- Pattern Only

Sewing Kit Iron On Label
A few more pics of encrusted pieces, including the work in progress.  I've used buttonhole lace on several pieces.  Love the Sassalynne perle cotton threads.  Beautiful variegation!

A rainy day!  A blessing in so many ways--a gift to the garden, the pleasure of watching and listening to the sound of falling rain, a great excuse to curl up with a book (I'm reading two ARCs right now--The Brain Fix by Ralph E. Carson  and Night Watch by Linda Fairstein), or retreat to the studio and work on a doll or embroider while watching a Kdrama.  

Lovely choices, and I'll take advantage of all of them--especially since the house is clean, the laundry done, and left-overs available for supper!

What are you up to?  Plans for the weekend?


  1. Your encrustations are amazing!

  2. Thanks, Connie! I love doing them!

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with Connie! Brain Fix, eh? ... Memory fix, eh?!!! I could use that! HA.
    You may like The Rope by Nevada Barr. I could not put it down and that is after thinking I didn't want to read it. Haha
    Stayed up too late finishing The Dog Who Danced.

  4. Nancy - Yes, I thought I could use a brain fix, as well! I do like Nevada Barr and haven't read The Rope so I'll look for it. Just looked up The Dog Who Dances...and I like the sound of it, too!

  5. I got me some of those Sweetwater projects. Haven't had time to do them yet, though.

  6. Stephie - I especially like the ones that make for attractive ways to store embellishments! Most of mine are in a muffin tin!


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