Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Boro Jacket Finished

I finished the boro jacket nearly a month ago.  I like it!  You've seen all the "in progress" photos, so this is the finished jacket--well, except for a fastening.  Jeogori jackets tie closed, but I'm not sure if I'll use ties or a button.

It is really quite warm!

Bryce Eleanor arrived in her PJs Monday morning and showed me some of her "awesome" gymnastic moves with a hulu hoop.

She tried to get me to do a handstand; I told her I was too old, but eventually complied (but unlike the days when I walked around the house on my hands--this time I used a wall).  Then she said, "Try're not too old for this!"  on several other moves.  Yeah, sure.

Another of the recent encrusted pieces this one mostly with coton a broder.

I'm teaching chair yoga at Horizon Bay, an assisted living facility.  My oldest student is 90, and she is in excellent shape; she says she played softball until she was 78.  She's my hero!

Today I'm going to introduce some qi gong exercise to the mix.  I love qi gong because working with the breath is so relaxing.  

Mid-week, mid-month already.  Where does the time go?


  1. Jenclair, what a beautiful boro jacket!!! Just gorgeous! Your granddaughter is getting so big!!

  2. That jacket is really wonderful!

  3. Connie, Sherri, and Liniecat - Thanks for your nice comments on the jacket! I am pleased with it.

    And Sherri, yes, B.E. has really grown, but so has your Owen. Fun to watch, isn't it?

  4. Your jacket is really awesome. Love it. Will we see it on YOU? :-) I also really like your encrusted piece. What a cutie granddaughter!

  5. Beautiful!
    Not sure I could still do a handstand... I might have to try though. ;-)

  6. Stephie - Thanks! Maybe I'll remember to try the jacket on when Fee is home to take a picture.

    The encrusted pieces will become cuffs--maybe; still not sure. They have become a "go to" activity for watching tv.

    Francoise - I prefer headstands--much easier! :)

  7. Hi Jenclair,
    I've nominated you and this blog for a Liebster Award. Feel free to answer the questions or not.

  8. The jacket is the little bits of red squares! BE has gotten big!! It's fun to know I've been reading long enough to know that :)
    I couldn't do a handstand when I Was young!

  9. Caroline - Thanks! I'm used to seeing you on my book blog and was surprised to see you here! I'll check it out!

    Nancy - :) It needed those punches of red in all that blue, and I had some scraps that I used to cut the squares--so glad I saved them!

    B.E. is getting to be a big girl, isn't she? Such a chatterbox!


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