Thursday, August 23, 2012

Baker's Man

I've made a tiny baker's hat for the newest Eccentric.  He still looks a little shy and confused, but he seems proud of his new hat.  He's been crackled and aged, which is suitable since his body is a rusted artifact.

His days start early, as he has to get the ovens going and the bread kneaded, etc. to be ready for the breakfast crowd. 

I'm struggling with his arms.  It would be so nice if I had thought this out beforehand; of course, that isn't the case.  It never is, and each time I complain about my lack of planning.

The lady with the sparkling bodice is going nowhere at the moment.  Maybe today I'll resume work on her...if I can figure out whether to give her legs or a Santos type lower body.

And I have begun working on a ghoulish altered doll, turning a plastic baby doll into a zombie-like baby.  I do have qualms about altering a perfectly sweet baby into a ghoul, but I've always wanted to try altering a doll like this. 

So far, I've gessoed, painted, over-painted, smudged,  added texture, and crackled the poor thing.  Bryce Eleanor never played with this one anyway.   When ghoul baby is finished, she'll make a fine addition to the Halloween Mantle.  

Have you noticed the changes in shadows lately?  The change in shadows is always a precursor of fall.  The potted plants need to be moved to get more sun for the first time all summer.  A week ago, I was moving some pots into the shade to escape the heat.

My cuttings are all doing well.  Don't you love making new plants for free?  Go forth and multiply sweet potato vine, Miss Marguerite.  And you Colorful Coleus.  More roots Beautiful Begonia and Bashful are so slow.

Our temperatures are definitely still summer, although we have had some wonderful days in the low 90's.  Everything is relative, isn't it?  The low 90's are a blessing right now and seem so cool after 98-100+ temps.

Not that this summer compares in the least to the misery of last year's record-breaking heat...

I'm awfully chatty today.  Suppose it is a stalling tactic to avoid cleaning and laundry chores.  I don't really mind doing them, but have difficulty getting started.

What's Your Preference

P.J.'s or gowns?    

Fiction or nonfiction?  

Small quilts or large?

New or vintage?


  1. I love your crackley technique...must try and have go myself!
    The baker is a sweetie and I really like his eyes.
    I do like to see figures with vintage items as part of them and I cant wait to see the halloween leg when its all done !!

  2. Man OH are good at this doll making!!! His expression is priceless :)
    93 today...YAY!

  3. liniecat - This is a two part technique (Anita's Fragile Crackle)-- a little time-consuming, but makes fine crackles!

    Nancy - Thanks, Nancy! I'm liking my little Baker.

    We are holding in the low 90's again today with a prediction of 93 here, too! Feels so good doesn't it?

  4. What a great face! I also love the bodice on the other doll. I looked for Intouchables here, but unfortunately our library doesn't have it. I'll keep searching!


  5. Thanks, Shasta! Having all 3 dolls going at the same time lets me switch back and forth while one or more is drying, etc.

    I think The Intouchables is a new movie, but it will probably be available on Netflix or Hulu before too long. I loved it and hope you get a chance to see it!

  6. I love your eccentric! So, I think you told me before, but how do you make the head? Do you use polymer clay? It's really quite amazing! And the goulish baby....well, I can't wait to see that one.

    We are seeing signs of fall already here. Some trees are turning, and there are leaves floating in the air. We already had temps in the 40s at night!

  7. Stephie - I used a styrofoam ball and Paper Clay for the head. The ghoul baby is not going to be TOO freaky--in spite of all the effects I've given her, she retains a little sweet.

    Oh, my! We are just happy to see our nights get to around 72! Can't imagine 40s until November!

  8. Jen, what a great looking altered doll leg!!!! Can't wait to see it finished!
    Your paper clay face is coming along nicely!

  9. Carla - Thanks so much, Carla! I haven't made a doll in months and now I'm working on 3. It means a lot to receive a compliment form you since I love your dolls!


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