Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Returning Prodigal

I've been absent for quite a while.  Thanks to those of you who emailed to see if everything is all right--I appreciate it.

Not only did I take a long blogging break, but I also took a long stitching break.  The only thing I was doing in the studio was my yoga sadhana and meditation.  I didn't  clean up the piles of fabric on the cutting table, put away my threads, or even pick up the white on white project to see what could be done next.

What I did do was read.  And read.  And read.  And work in the garden.  I have five passions: reading, stitching, making eccentric dolls, gardening, and yoga.  I can never seem to divide time equally between them; I go from one obsession to the next.  I haven't made a doll in months, but when that obsession returns, another obsession will suffer neglect.

This week, though, I've returned to stitching.  I've made some progress on the white on white, although Karen Ruane's class has ended, and I'm not nearly through with my piece.
Pinning some blocks together.

I have also done quite a bit of work on a boro jacket.  Last summer, I took 2 of Fee's old shirts to use as painter's smocks.  The shirts are huge, one had a rip in the front, and both were worn around the collar and cuffs.  Both also had paint on them, so they were a perfect fit for patching boro style.

Watching Korean historical dramas, I fell in love with the jeogori jacket worn over the traditional hanbok.  So I cut the shirt very short, cut 6 inches or so off the sleeves, and changed the shape of the neck.  After pulling out all my blue fabric scraps, I began applying the patches with simple kantha stitching using a cream Danish flower thread from Hedgehog Handworks and a black pearl cotton.  I'm going to order some more of the Danish flower thread in shades of blue.

The video below is so cool...what a sensational place for young people!  Makes your heart beat faster and makes you want to move and "dance with him".

Via The Small Object


  1. It's nice to see you back. I've been thinking of you :)

  2. Welcome back, Jenclair! Sounds like you're having a delightful summer, even if you've only been indulging some of your passions. It is truly hard to do too many things at once and do them to one's satisfaction.
    Thanks for the lovely video -- I've posted it to Facebook.

  3. I'm glad you're back!
    Love your boro shirts.

  4. All good stuff, Jenny. Sometimes our interests go here, and sometimes they go there. I am not as motivated by blogging lately, either.

  5. I haven't finished my white-on-white cloth either and I've already started Karen's 'Embroiderers Ledger' class. Your cloth is unique, I think. Very lovely and very personal. You can't get that if you hurry through the process.

  6. Nancy - Thanks! I'll be checking in on you to see what you are up to!

    Connie - I'm so glad you liked the video--it is both fun and inspiring!

    Francoise - Thanks, Francois! I'm not sure how the shirt will turn out, but that's OK, too.

    Rian - Yes, interests fluctuate for all kinds of reasons. Your golfing and my gardening are respectful of the weather,it is time to seek indoor projects!

  7. ersi - :) Good for you! I look forward to seeing what you are doing in that class. I'm hoping to take Karen's other embellishment class...eventually.

    The white on white is definitely a slow cloth--each inch of French knots is a time commitment. Slow cloth is meditative.

  8. Loved the video, really uplifting. And did want to get up and dance. ;-)

  9. Deborah - :) I'm so glad you loved it, too!

  10. I love that shirt. Can you tell me if you turn the edges of each patch or do you leave them raw?

  11. Clare - Thanks! I'm leaving the edges raw. The homespun pieces make a great fringe--very tactile. Not so much with the batiks, but the cottons will fringe more when I wash it.

  12. I have been away for some time, too. I'm heading over to my own blog next to do a post...finally!


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