Thursday, May 10, 2012

Studio Chaos

I'm having computer problems.  Still.  It may be time for the Geek Squad.

 I love the color and airy texture of dill.

Note from the Universe:

Remember, you will always have friends, guides, and love, Jen, but no one is coming to "save you."

That's the adventure package you signed up for.

The one that comes with all the superpowers, guaranteed rebounding abilities, and the all-powerful scrunched-nose-when-you-smile.

Your 5 Star Time-Space Adventure Tour Agency Manager,
    The Universe

 Darn.  I really wanted someone to come "save me."  I get tired of doing it myself...I'm not very good at it.  I procrastinate even on that-- or cause bigger problems.

Right now, I could use the Universe stepping in and cleaning up my studio space.  It is chaos at the moment.  White fabrics, vintage linens, lace, doilies, tatting pieces, etc.  all out and in various piles for auditioning for the white on white pieces for Karen's class.

                                                     Even on the design board.

And at my embroidery work area-- there is floss, perle cotton, cotton a broder, shades of white and ivory floss and threads...everywhere.  

Time to put together one or two more sections, and then fold up the fabrics and put them away for awhile.  I have 3 sections that I'm working on now, and two more sections will be enough to keep me busy for a long, long time.

I've also been learning that counted cross stitch is too hard on my eyes, at least when using white on white.  Maybe I should have gone with a larger size of waste canvas; maybe I should get magnifying glasses.  Tuesday night, I stitched and pulled out.  Stitched and pulled out.  My eyes wouldn't focus on those tiny cross stitches well enough to find where to put my needle, but it was easy enough to see the problems when the stitches were done.  Counting those tiny squares is difficult visually and frustrating emotionally. 

May try again today, but no matter how much I love the way it looks, I may not be able to do much of the counted cross stitch.

Oh, and Universe, I could use some help with the computer.   


  1. Boy, can I relate, to the wanting to be saved part. I've done everything on my own in life, as we all do ultimately -- but without the support of family or a husband or much more than the proverbial financial shoe strings. And I'm a better person now for all of it, although until I hit 60 it was grudgingly, I admit.

  2. That sewing room looks a bit familiar! Cross stitching white on white has to be tough; black is hard, too. A larger count evenweave or waste canvas would help as would good lighting and a magnifier. I've heard that you should put black fabric over white to stitch; perhaps the reverse would work when stitching on white?
    At any rate, I enjoy your blog!

  3. I know how you feel. I have a knitting pattern I've already ripped out twice. I found another mistake last night and am thinking about ripping it out again. I just hate that! Your whites are pretty!

  4. Connie - I guess we all want to be saved, to have someone to do the hard stuff. But you are right, doing it yourself can make you stronger. I do have a support system in my husband and often rely on him too much...waiting for him to fix things. Like the darn computer.

    Judy S. - Every time I put stuff away, it seems that I have to get it out again. I'm going to have to try all of your suggestions in order to get through the cross stitching! Thanks!

    Stephie - There is a certain point when "do over" is more of a challenge than its worth! Sorry you are going through it with your knitting!

  5. It is understandably frustrating that the Universe can only do so much. Especially where machines and technology are concerned. But positive thought has great power.

  6. Rian - Machines and technology...a blessing and a curse, eh?

  7. I love your design board...we call them mood boards and they are so wonderful to create aren't they...


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