Monday, May 07, 2012


Yesterday, I decided to move some things around in the garden.  So many plans and ideas flit in and out of my head that I often sit and stare rather than actually getting around to the more physical stuff.

The rosemary in front of the fountain had gotten too large for that space, so I dug it up and moved it to the opposite side of the garden in front of the fence.  It is a big plant and needed a big hole...I was expecting a little back strain from moving it, but nothing so far.

Now, what will I do to fill in the space the rosemary left?  That will require a little more thought, but as the area around the fountain needs revamping as well, it is time to browse through my gardening books and check out some garden blogs.

                              A pot of begonias in the early morning--

                                             I love the graceful, airy blooms of parsley.

Dead-heading is a tedious and boring chore, but the dianthus is in dire need, 
so I pinched faded blooms for a while yesterday and will get back to it today.
                     In front of the dianthus, oregano functions as a nice ground cover.

Yarrow, given a little leeway, will take over with a wild abandon-- so while I was in the digging frame of mind, I moved it to a couple of pots (where its growth will be circumscribed) and to an area that is pretty bare.  If it goes wild and spreads there, it won't be much of a problem;  the hardy, drought-tolerant yarrow will do a nice job of filling in without requiring any care.

I had some serious hand-scrubbing to do last night before playing with fabric.

P.S.  Do you have some favorite garden blogs?


  1. I need to get in my garden, and I still can't. Grrr.....

  2. Stephie - It is almost too late for planting here. Global warming just keeps moving our seasons, and we've already had temps in the 90's.


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