Friday, May 04, 2012


“Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.” 
― Andy Warhol

Stephie (Peas in a Pod) is having a great give away.  Stop by and see the wonderful May baskets Mama and Sweet Pea made for Sweet Pea's friends!  Leave a comment to be entered in the give away.  

Wednesday, I made some prairie points out of some white on white fabric and some rouleau loops out of a fine pima cotton and more of the white on white.

Yesterday, I spent almost all day working on the first section for Karen Ruane's class.  First, washing and pressing some of my vintage linens, then trying to find a pleasing format for piecing them together.  It was difficult to cut into the old handkerchiefs, especially as I'd been able to get out some of the stains in one of them.

I finally--after a great deal of dilly-dallying, adding and subtracting, arranging and rearranging--came up with something that pleased me.  I pinned and basted the pieces.  I added some French knots around the edge of the hankie on the bottom left, then remembered that I wanted to take a picture before doing the rest of the seams and hung it up--you can see the hoop marks from working on that first seam.   

After taking the picture, I got back to work on the rest of the seams, and that was what I did off and on all day and into the night.  Downstairs, vaccuum.  Upstairs, seams.  Downstairs, clean and straighten.  Upstairs, seams.  Downstairs, put on laundry...  

I've also pinned together another section, but haven't basted it yet.  

 This morning, my husband looked out the window and said, "I really like your prayer flags hanging in the garden."  Fee is always so nice about whatever I do, but I wasn't sure he liked the look of the flags in the garden, and although I've enjoyed looking at them, I wasn't completely comfortable because I thought he was just being his usual sweet self.  

Our decorating styles are not at all the same.  I'm kind of shabby (without the chic); he is usually more spare and sophisticated.  Our house reflects that lack of unity as we try to accommodate each other.  

Now, that he has said that the flags make him feel peaceful, they mean even more, and my day begins on a high note.

Errands are in the forecast for today, but the pull of the studio is keeping me from getting started.    All I want to do is go upstairs and stitch.


  1. going upstairs to stitch would win every time with me too!!

  2. Funny how we get pulled to do a certain thing above all others.

  3. Karen - :) It would be wonderful if that was all there was, wouldn't it? No chores, no cooking, no laundry, no errands...

    Rian - Even with things we like to do, there is always one exerting more force!

  4. Love your old handkerchieves. I understand it was hard to cut them up.
    I wonder how the prayer flags are doing outside. Are they wearing out, fading?

  5. jenclair said...
    Francoise - It is hard to take pictures of white on white, but the lace in that handkerchief is just beautiful. I would never have wanted to actually use some of the beautiful ones I have.

    Some of the prayer flags have faded--the pretty blues from the red cabbage dye pot haven't stood up too well and the one with the pounded flower image has faded, but the rest are doing great so far. However, the temps are just now hitting the 90's, and I can't expect too much from some of them after we get into the summer months.

  6. I love the whites you've worked out there. I'll be watching to see how it evolves.
    What a most sweet comment from your husband. So nice when they do that. I like when they loose themselves to the elements (the prayer flags, not the husbands!).

  7. Nancy - Thanks, I'm enjoying this process!

    :D My husband is such a greater supporter of whatever I do, even if our styles clash. I'm eager to see how the rest of the eco dyed fabric holds up to the elements. The flags are very Wabi Sabi -- at least in imperfection and impermanence.

  8. I will be keeping an eye on your class progress. I hope to someday take Karen's class. You have a beautiful start. Such a nice comment from your husband with regard to your prayer flags. The Mr and I have almost exactly the same taste, so I don't run into any problems other than all of my craft supplies consuming the office ;-)

  9. I totally understand your feelings about Fee's comment. Wes and I are fairly similiar in tastes; although his joking about "birds, butterflies and Madonnas" has a bit of reality to it and I try to keep them in tow!

    I do have a huge Elk in my FmRm and some mounted deer heads so when he gets too pointed in his comments, I just point to the animals. teehee. He has been super supportive, though, in buying me machines and supplies to do my thing!

    Like Connie, I'll be watching your class progress. Do you know Freda Butler? She has some lovely work posted from the last class.

  10. Connie - The class is kind of fun, and I'm finally getting a chance to use some of the old linens I've collected!

    I do keep my crafting stuff upstairs where my husband doesn't have to see what all I've accumulated in the way of supplies.

    Debra - :) You and Connie are lucky to have husbands with similar tastes!

    Hunting trophies are all at the country cabin. My nephew has the "over the fire place honors" for his latest deer, but since the cabin is a sibling affair, shared with my brothers, not all trophies can be accommodated. Especially now that we have grown sons and sons-in-law who also hunt there!

    I've looked at some of Freda's work; she is one reason I decided to take Karen's class!

  11. I think the white on white looks fine. I can see it, so what more is there? LOL I really like the way you put this section together, and the addition of the prairie points in the midst of it. Really a pretty piece and I will watch it progress. Talk about doing something challenging - white on white!

  12. cq4fun - White on white is especially challenging for me! I don't have a white shirt or blouse that has not had to have spot removal. But I'm trying to keep these pieces white--trying hard. Thanks for the encouraging comment!

  13. Thanks for the shout out! I think that is really great that your hubby appreciates your prayer flags. That always makes me feel good when my hubby appreciates the things I do!

  14. Stephie - You are welcome! Love those fabric May Day "baskets" - and they are perfect for other days as well!


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