Tuesday, May 01, 2012

AAQI May Auction

The May auction at AAQI is in progress.  I have my eye on one or two; fingers crossed.

After laughing at Michele's April Fool's joke about having her AAQI auction quilt disqualified because it was too large, I was registering the quilts I'm about to send in and had to pull one because it measures 9 1/2 x 12"!  I know how it happened, but didn't realize it until now.  Over by half an inch.  I knew it would have looked better as a pillow!

The magnolias are in glorious bloom right now.  The ones across the street have been for several days, but ours, standing as it does in the side yard, began blooming at the top and working its way down.  Now the blooms on the lower branches are within reach.


  1. Magnificient Magnolias! You are really enjoying that lens, I can tell.

  2. Wow-Weee what great shots of the Magnolias!

  3. Rian - The magnolias have been outstanding this year! I guess all the rain we received earlier brought them through the drought of the previous year and allowed them to really show off.

    Nancy - Thanks! There are a lot of trees in our neighborhood, and all have been gorgeous.

  4. I think the binding huffs and puffs on purpose because it wants to be important and makes it self bigger secretly while we aren't looking!

  5. Beautiful. I sure wish it would warm up a little so I could get my spring planting done.

  6. Michele - And there are those individuals who fail to measure twice.... Duh! Where was my mind?

    Stephie - We are in the high 80's now, almost beyond the time to plant successfully. Hope your weather warms up soon (but I wish ours would cool down)!


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