Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weather and Some More Resist Experiments

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives.  It is the one that is the most adaptable to change." --Darwin.

We had no real winter this year, and our spring was especially early and warm.  I was already dreading our long, hot, humid summers, when suddenly we find ourselves experiencing lovely spring-like weather.  Not that our summer won't be long and hot and humid--it will be, but at least we are having our brief opportunity to experience a genuine spring.

This has been, however, the worst allergy season I've ever experienced.  My eyes itch, my eyelids itch; hell, even my eyelashes and eyebrows itch.  My eyelids are swollen and pink.  I've sneezed so often and so violently that I'm surprised the top of my head remains intact.  

As wonderful as this unexpected second-chance at spring has been, working in the garden has been a challenge.  Actually, my suffering begins before I even go outside.  Wahhh!

Complaints aside, the days have been so beautiful, and I have more basil, parsley, and dill to plant.  I bought some potting soil yesterday for a big pot, and as soon as my antihistamine has a chance to kick in, I'm going to get busy.

Last week, I worked on some more flour resist prints.  Here are the first versions.

 This one is on linen.

 This one on a pima cotton.

Then I decided to give them a second coat of resist and a second application of paint.  Here they are with a second, thin coat of resist.

This is one of those situations in which it might have been better to leave well enough alone.
I don't like this second version as well as the first.
This one is...better than the first version.  I think.

So...now where do I go in these experiments with resist?  


  1. I am suffering from allergies, too. It is the worst year. We just had temps in the 80s and now it is colder and rainy again. It will just go on and on. I love all these flour resists that you did.

  2. I love the 2nd ones, the patterns are more complex and layered. I haven't tried flour resist. IMO you've done a great job here. Sorry about the allergies!

  3. I liked the fisrt ones until I saw the second ones. Connie's right, they are richer and quite lovely, I think!

  4. Gerrie - We had the temps in the 80s, too, and it was kind of scary to be that warm in March. In spite of the allergies, I'm loving our current cool spell!

    Connie - I think I let in too much brown on the first one and wish I'd held back a little or tried more than one color there, but this is really a fun and surprising process!

    Valerie - Thanks, Valerie! I do think Jane LaFazio was right about giving the second resist the chance to add more depth and more playing with the process should be fun.

  5. So sorry about the allergies :(
    I think I am easy to please...I like both versions of the resists :)

  6. Sorry about the allergies. Yuck. I really like all versions, to be honest. Very cool!

  7. Nancy - The allergies are annoying, but the beautiful weather and perfect temperatures are worth the discomfort. :)

    Stephie - Thanks, Stephie, for the sympathy. I'm such a complainer!

  8. love the rings in there...

  9. If you don't like the resists as they are, they will change when cut.

  10. Have you tried AllerTec? You can get it at Costco (cheap) and my resident allergy-sufferer swears by it.

  11. Jude -Thanks, I thought they ended up looking a little like a bicycle! Wish I'd had that in mind when I was doing it and may try again.

    Debra - There is almost always a way, isn't there?

    Rian - I will definitely look for it! Thanks, Rian.


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