Monday, April 23, 2012

Practice and Experiments

The prayer flags in the garden have survived two serious thunder storms and some very sunny days.  I expect the blues from the red cabbage are going to seriously fade, but so far they are all holding up pretty well.

I signed up for Karen Ruane's class in May and have been experimenting with some of the techniques I've seen on several blogs.  Since I don't have any scrim (ordered some, but it hasn't arrived), my experiments with free motion have been with various loose weave and gauzy fabrics.  Love the effects, although more practice is needed.

I haven't done any free motion quilting in such a long time; definitely need to work on it.

I'm liking the grid best because straight lines are easier to control.  :)  The above grid is the one I used in the latest prayer flag from the previous post.

Can't wait for the real scrim to arrive so I can play with it.  These practices pieces have gone into the odds and ends basket for the time being.

From the garden:


Another small grey cat has been hanging around, and if Edgar is out, he follows Edgar like a shadow.  Will have nothing to do with me; although over the last week, the distance he keeps has become much less.  When I go out in the morning, he has been keeping my chair seat warm, but then dashes off without waiting for thanks.  

I pretty much took this past weekend off and did no stitching or experimenting.  Mostly I worked in the garden (getting swollen, itchy eyes), did mundane chores, watched my latest Korean television series, and read.  Despite the problems with eye allergies, I couldn't resist walking in this beautiful weather, so I toured the neighborhood to see what was blooming elsewhere.

Today, Tai Chi (if I get up from the computer and get ready), a meeting scheduled, a trip to the grocery store, and maybe a trip to Michael's with my coupons.  Ha!  Doubt all of it will get done.


  1. Your grid looks wonderful, and I am sooo green about your class. I know you'll have wonderful classes because Karen is a marvelous stitcher.....I even won one of her small pieces! It's gorgeous! Have fun. I'm off visiting for a couple days.

  2. Your grid is SO Straight!!!

  3. Very interesting. I love how you experiment with different fabrics, textures, and techniques.

    Part of the thing with prayer flags is to allow them to disintegrate back into the air/earth, right? I think that's what I've heard.

    Oh, and I think your free motion sewing looks pretty dang good!

  4. Suz - Lucky you to have won a piece of Karen's work! I'm so excited about learning some of her techniques in the May class!

    Nancy - My free motion stitching is way out of practice, but the grid lines were pretty easy. It was fun playing with the gauze, now that my scrim has arrived, I'll be doing some playing/practice with free motion.

    Stephie - I seem to be in an experimental mood right now and am enjoying the playfulness of it.

    The prayer flags in the garden are a great way to watch the way the elements effect the cloth. Especially the way it reveals how well the eco dyes hold up to the sun. :)


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