Saturday, April 21, 2012

Open -- Says Me

The newest prayer flag "open" -- to new ideas.  I intend it to encompass listening with a more open attitude, to refrain from settling into any particular mind set, something I'm inclined to do.

I've been practicing stitching on gauze-like fabrics (I'll be taking Karen Ruane's class in May and this is one of techniques I really like, so I decided to practice a little in advance.

Stitched a grid onto the fabric, cut a square out of the muslin, and attached the grid.  Then some feather stitching on top.  You can see right through the sheer gauze.   Does it look like a window to you?  It does to me, so I decided to use "open"as the word for this flag.  Open a window, let in some fresh air.

I've stitched on three of these pieces so far and will be doing more--maybe today.  The other two are more lacy, and at least one, would be great for costuming a doll.

However, the creative steam may be running out.  Not the steam for experimenting, but the ideas of what to do with the randomly stitched and fabric-resist cloth.  What to do with them?  They are currently joining all of the other pieces that I loved making, but find myself at a loss when considering the next step... of using them in some way.

The door to my storage cabinet is covered with stitched and eco dyed cloth of various sizes.  Some have been there for about 6 months.  They still please my eye, but are waiting for inspiration.

Rain yesterday, lots of it.   After checking the fountain this morning, it became evident that a lot more bailing will need to be done (Murphy's Law), but since it is fresh rain water, I should be able to use it for eco dyeing.  Except...I'm feeling really lazy and unmotivated today and may retreat to my reading chair with a book.  :)


  1. Coming along darlingly! You make the sweetest, sweetest prayer flags!

  2. What a light, spring-like flag this time around. And such a good message. When you say "something I'm inclined to do" sounds far less self-critical than what I normally say to myself! I'll have to remember this phrase! lol

  3. Fantastic prayer flag, and I love the idea of using your fabrics the way you have!! As always, you produce just beautiful work, the thought and care shining brightly through!

  4. Michele - Thanks!

    Nancy - :0 I'm good at critical understatement!

    Loralei - Thank you!.

  5. I love this, and I love the white space that conveys the openness!


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