Monday, April 30, 2012

A Little Stitching

I did get around to a little stitching this weekend.  Using Sassalynne's beautiful variegated perle cotton and a bit of raw silk, I embroidered a square that will eventually be a pocket.
I'm not sure if it will go on the quilt that I had in mind (which, of course, I haven't begun yet), so there may be another pocket in the works tonight.  The next one will be a quilted pocket with batting to add that quilty cushion that I crave.

Last week's TAST stitch was the wheatear, and I added that to the spiral, then lots of French knots and seed stitches.  I love running my hand over it and feeling the texture.

I found the above at Kailana's blog.  A Pinterest Challenge that encourages Pinterest Addicts to Create (or DO) something they've found on Pinterest and post their accomplishments.

The origin of this Challenge can be found Here at Love, Laugh, and a Touch of Insanity .

The Details:
1. To participate you will choose your level and then make (or do) that amount of pins during May 2012. Challenge ends May 31st. (can be new pins or old pins...doesn't matter)
2. Report back on your Pin It and Do It success. Ideally this will come in the form of a blog or tumblr post. Or you can post about it on Facebook or Flickr if you don’t have a blog or tumblr. Or create a board on Pinterest for this challenge. If none of the above, report your success in the Wrap-Up Post comments.
3. Anyone is welcome to join. If you need an invite to Pinterest, let me know your email address and I’ll send an invite.

The Levels:
Timid Pinner: 1-3 Pins
Pinterested: 4-7 Pins
Pin Obsessed: 8+ Pins

Some Pinterest Etiquette and Courtesies:
--If you create a pin from a post, make sure you are pinning the true URL of the post and not the main website so folks can easily find the link again.
--When you create a pin, try to include the website in the description of the pin.
--Do not include the entire recipe or instructions in the pin description.
--If you embed a pinned picture on your own blog, make it clear that it is not your original picture--a link back to the original blog post is always appreciated.

And other little tidbits...this does not have to be a food or crafting challenge. Saw an interesting photography lesson? Click! An outfit you'd love to put together? Yup! Organizing idea for around the house? Go for it! A workout Regiment? Kick butt! Really this challenge is endless--you just need to tell us what you pinned and what you did. Make sure to note the original pin wherever you complete your wrapup (or if you do progress reports) to give the originator credit.
What I SHOULD do is pin recipes and try them, but that might prove too much of a challenge for me, as cooking doesn't interest me much.  On the other hand, it might gain me some Brownie points with my dear husband (who accomplished several "honey do" chores this weekend).

 Or maybe...I should try some of the organizing ideas; however, every time I try to organize, I lose things.

Anyway, I think it is an interesting challenge for all of us who spend inordinate amounts of time looking and drooling to actually use the information/inspiration.  

I haven't joined, but I am thinking about it.  Maybe I could manage the Timid Pinner category.  Surely, I could manage 1-3 Pinspirations.

The formal challenge ends on May 31 (I just discovered it), but a personal challenge could extend it throughout the year.
Whenever my brothers and I reminisce about our childhoods, our memories of events are often askew.  We remember things differently in both large and small ways.  It's funny and kind of entertaining to see the wildly different versions of the same events.

When I found the following quote at the smallest forest, I couldn't help but smile.

Maybe that’s all that family really is, a group of people who all miss the same imaginary place.

—Zach Braff, Garden State


  1. Your post brightened my day. Especially the quilting and the quote at the end.

    I pinned for 7 solid years before it was invented. I have graphic photo files that made our computer geek literally shriek when he had to find and move them into a new computer after our old one crashed in perpetual exhaustion. Yep. I should have thought of pinterest first and had my geek invent it. I would be rich and retired from being a full time volunteer with no income. Ha.

  2. Ooooh, oooh! LOVE the embroidery...that thread: yummmmy! I saved the quote, it says it brought my sweet cousins and sitting sipping tea with them immediately to mind =-)

  3. Jenclair, I love that perle cotton thread-really gorgeous colors!!

  4. Michele - :) Of course you were! And saving links, hundreds of them, that you have shared!

    My husband keeps telling me that our computer is so slow because of my wanting access to everything immediately. The worst culprit--pictures.

    DebbyMc - Thanks, Debby! Isn't it something when you mix in cousin memories? Even more complex! All kinds of fondness and lingering memories regardless of how different or differently interpreted.

    Sherri - Sassalynne's colors are just luscious. I'm going to have to order some more!

  5. This challenge sounds very similiar to the one I thought up for myself lately called, "I'm Gonna Do That!". All summer I am going to do the ideas I have been wanting to try & haven't got around to yet. Some of these ideas are pretty old!

  6. Great poke in the ribs to DO Your Dreams...beautiful thread colors and your stitches, awesome as always! Lastly, great quote!

  7. I really like your stitches. I'd like to give that sort of random stitching a try sometime (what you did in the background). It would be good practice for me to learn "randomness."

  8. Debra - I like the title of your personal challenge. The old axiom "There is nothing new under the sun" holds true, doesn't it? I've noticed that some of the things I want to try were first posted several years ago, with many variations since then.

    I have crafty stuff I bought several years ago to experiment with new techniques, but have never gotten around to trying.

    Maybe my challenge should be "I'm Gonna Do That and Use The Stuff I Have!"

    Looking forward to your experiments!

    Nancy - Seeing so many things you want to Try (on blogs and on Pinterest) can become quite a list of projects!

    I really like the quote, too!

    Stephie - It may not be as good as knitting for lowering your blood pressure, but random stitching is calming!


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