Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday the Thirteenth

I love cleome for its beauty, its height, and its willingness to re-seed!  In my old garden, they appeared year after year, but this is the first one in the current garden.  

Monarch caterpillars and butterflies love milkweed; so do I.  Butterflies also love oregano and purple cone flowers and my Henry Duelberg salvia.  Caterpillars like dill and fennel, and I love them for their scent and for the lacy, fern-like foliage.

Stinker is meddling again.  She and Lucy have been running and creating havoc this morning.  

Yesterday, more work in the garden and re-doing some pots.  My eyes are already itching this morning; great weather except for the allergies which bother my eyes and make me sneeze--repeatedly.

I'm having lunch with my friend Thomas and running some errands today.  Then, back to some stitching.  

Have a wonderful Friday the 13th!


  1. Beautiful flower! Enjoy your lunch date and everything else today brings you. :)

  2. have a great time on karen,s class and a lovely weekend

  3. Connie - Thanks, Connie! Had a great lunch and great conversation with Thomas. Now, I'm back to stitching, contentedly, and thinking about the next steps to take in my garden.

    What I should be doing: laundry.

    Emmy - I'm excited about Karen's class, especially when I some of your work and that of other students! Hope you have a great weekend, too!

  4. Flowers are so interesting when you get up close and personal with their petals.

  5. Rian - I've had this lense for several years, but until recently, I haven't used it very often. Getting up close and personal has been fun.

    Nancy - Thanks! I wish I had some woad or indigo; definitely need some dye plants.

  6. What a beautiful shot of that flower. Hope you had a great day!


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