Friday, March 09, 2012


Stephie is having a give-away over at Peas in a Pod-- a pattern for a beautiful tote bag.


And generous Mary has been making little gowns for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.  Here is a link to her tutorial for the tiny things.

I've just finished watching Craft in America (Season 1).  If you haven't seen it, check it out on Netflix; it is a delight to watch.  Not the kind of craft stuff I do, but the real artisans, the craftsmen and women whose work ends up in the Smithsonian -- both of the basket makers who were interviewed have baskets there.

My favorite individual (and it is a difficult choice) is the 90-year-old furniture maker, whose loving tribute to his wife is so touching.  My favorite story is the blacksmith who had parishioners bring iron objects which he then used when making a baptismal font for their church.  I loved the way they honored tradition, but branched out, using their own creativity, sense of beauty, and sense of humor in their creations.  Well worth watching!

Along with my slow progress through the books of essays, I'm reading Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer.  Fascinating.  Actually, the essays are being neglected as I immerse myself in Foer's book.

Another encrusted piece and a prayer flag are in the works;  I've been working on them for several days, but today-- I'm not in the mood for them.  And yet, I need to finish the prayer flag for TAST.

It is another windy, stormy day, and what would be the most fun is staying in and reading a good mystery.  Unfortunately, I need to go to the bank and to the grocery store.

Hope everyone is having a great Friday...good weather or bad!


  1. Thanks for the link!! Appreciate it! That show sounds interesting. I may have to check it out. Have a great weekend. I can't believe it's snowing again here today, after temps in the 60s last week.

  2. LOve that bag!! I'm headed over to sign up for the giveaway now!

  3. Hahaha Had a giggle when I saw your title today =-)

  4. Thanks for posting the link to my tutorial for making NICU gowns. You have a fun post......I like that title, too. Have a great weekend and stay warm.

  5. Stephie - Hard to imagine snow here! Weird, weird winter. If you have a chance, do watch the documentary; it really is good.

    Sherri - Isn't it a great bag? Of course, I'm infatuated with the fabrics. Good luck, Sherri.

    Debby - :) Not very dignified, but sums things up!

    Mary - I love your tiny gowns and that you are so generously donating them!


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