Thursday, March 29, 2012

 Yesterday, we had a visitor.  I've heard grey cat mewing on the other side of the fence on a number of occasions, and he finally to decided to pay a visit.  When Edgar gets out, he over the fence in a flash, but grey cat is more cautious than Edgar.

I wanted to get a picture of our three with noses to the window inside and grey cat with nose to window outside, but by the time I'd gone upstairs to get the camera, that tableau was no longer in place.

Lucy and Stinker are looking out the window, but Edgar stays watching by the door.  Grey cat has backed off a bit.

I went outside, and he began that game of you approach three steps, I retreat five steps.

He has rather curious eyes, and even from a greater distance than this, those eyes glow.  More than the picture suggests.

Debra sent me a box, a big box, full of linen and home dec fabrics!--am I going to have fun with these!  Thanks, again, Debra!

Finally finished this prayer flag.  Ahimsa means non-violence of thought, word, or action.  I want to do all of the 8 yamas and niyamas, ethical precepts set forth in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.  They compose the first (yamas) and second (niyamas) of the eight limbs of yoga.

Since some of you have wondered how many prayer flags to date, I counted them:  17 finished and the 18th almost done.

Have a great day!


  1. Very lovely colors and stitched marks on this one. Do you have plans to hang them someplace special?

  2. So happy those fabrics are off my shelf and into your creative hands! Have fun!

  3. The best part of cats is how they make me laugh! You just have to love them..stinkers and all! Keep trying...I want to see that photo, oh wait..did you say your nose was going to be up against the window, too? If it was, that would make it even harder to focus and shoot..ha! I can't wait to see all of your prayers flags flying..will be such an awesome sight! The prayers will really have such a send off!

  4. I especially love this prayer flag. Gray kitty is gorgeous -- is he vetting himself to become part of the family? Or just visiting?

  5. I think this one is my favorite. Could we see a picture of all the flags together one day?
    The grey cat is beautiful. He looks a bit like a Chartreux, but not his eyes. We had one at home a long time ago, and he was one of the nicest cats we ever had.
    Have a nice day.

  6. Boy, Gray Cat sure does have some eyes! Magnificent!
    I too vote for seeing all of your flags flying :)

  7. Valerie -- I planned on hanging them in the back yard, and I will soon. But I've enjoyed having them in the studio. :)

    Debra - I do plan to have fun with these fabrics!

    Michele - They are funny creatures, cats. My lens was against the window, too!

    Connie - Thanks, this flag has a kind of white leaf print at the top. The silk was a spinach dye. Grey Cat was definitely just visiting, and it will be interesting to see if he returns.

    Francoise - Thanks, Francoise. Yes, I need to see if I can get all the prayer flags in one picture. I wasn't familiar with the breed Chartreux, but Googled it, and Grey Cat does, indeed, look like the images on the web!

    Nancy - You should see Grey Cat's eyes for real--they are startling. I'll be flying the flags soon!

  8. What an interesting looking cat! No wonder your cats are so interested in him! :-) Love your new prayer flag, as always!

  9. Stephie - Grey cat has been back a couple of times, but he is shy when he sees me.

    Thanks, I enjoyed working on this flag!


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