Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts--Encrusted Pieces & Yarn

Encrusted pieces #2 and #3 are finished, and #4 is in progress.

These two pieces are only 1 1/2 x 2" -- but there are HOURS of stitching time in each one.

One good thing about cleaning and re-organizing is the discovery of forgotten goodies.  I rediscovered these yarns I bought in Asheville, NC when we visited in the fall.  Aren't they pretty?

I've a long list of things I want/need to do.  Yesterday, I made some progress cleaning out the garage and the big bathroom cabinet.  Today, more of the same.  

After the chores, , I'm determined to finish the doll.  Last week I spent two intense days working on her, and then put her aside when she was almost done.

Before doing anything else, though, I'm going upstairs to do some yoga.  Neglecting my morning sadhana is never a good idea--especially when I've been eating Italian creme cake for two days!

What are you working on?  Chores or fun projects?


  1. Your pebbles are very very beautiful and I love those yarns too. I have the same yarns in different colors. Gorgeous aren't they? Hugs Judy

  2. Lovely little pebbles!

  3. Your encrusted bits are beautiful!

    I've been working a lot lately, and I am longing to spend some quality time in the studio being creative!

  4. I'm working on getting over this terrible cold I've had for awhile. Sleep would be nice. Your pieces are wonderful! Lovely jewels with so much to discover. You are definitely a textural, process person! I love seeing what you come up with...love it!

  5. Judy - Thanks! Making the encrusted pieces is time-consuming, but relaxing. Last night, I watched the Y-Yoga documentary while stitching.

    I love these yarns--they really are gorgeous. I wish I could knit!

    Kay - Thanks, Kay. I'm planning on making some cuffs with them...some day. :)

    Deb H - I'm not sure how you even get to work with all the snow you've had. You deserve some quality time in the studio!

    DebbyMc - Sorry you've been suffering from that dreaded malady that makes everything a struggle, Debby. Hope you get your rest and that someone serves you a nice cuppa tea with a good book on the side!

  6. The beading on the encrusted pieces look lovely! I especially love the cream colored piece! That's my fav! Don't you just love Noro yarn!! I have been using their Kocheron yarn for cowls this year and I just love the angora in it! When you are all done with the cowl it "blooms"! Beautiful!

  7. First the chores, and then the fun, though I prefer fun stitching to chores anytime!
    Wonderful little pebbles, and I love the one with all the colour!
    Marvelously full of stitches in a compact size, and both with lots of texture.
    Drooling over those yarns.......

  8. 1. Love that yarn. Wow!
    2. Your encrusted beauties are really beauties. Cool!
    3. I'm on spring break and doing a little bit of everything: playing with fabric, taking care of myself (getting hair cut and colored, getting appointments made), getting caught up on some work work, and getting some housework done (like laundry). Trouble is, my house is a disaster, and I should be spring cleaning and going through closets, etc. But, that's going to have to wait. I need a break!

  9. Your encrusted work is beautiful. You got it done so quick (or so it seems)!!!
    The yarns are lovely too. I (for some unknown reason) decided to "remove" at least one thing from the house everyday in March. That is in trash, donate, recycle. It's the 6th and I've removed a lot more than 6 things!!

  10. Sherri - I think I like the cream better, too. I completely understand the compulsion to own beautiful yarns -- even if I can't make beautiful knitted items like you!

    Suz - :) Always more fun to stitch than do all of those necessary chores.

    The darned encrusted pieces/pebbles are so addictive, aren't they?

    Stephie - The yarn is so lovely that for the moment I'm leaving it out so I can enjoy looking at it.

    Enjoy your spring break!

    Nancy - The latest encrusted pieces are so small; each one is a result of hours of stitching each night, but the process is so satisfying.

    I've done a similar thing to your "removal process" in the past. It is a great way to get rid of all of those things that accumulate without your even being aware of it! I need to try to do it again, and determining to it for a month is a great idea.

  11. The incrusted pieces are so beautiful!
    I love Noro yarns too.

  12. Fantastic pieces!! and the yarn is yum!!

  13. Thanks, Francoise and Deepa!


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