Wednesday, March 07, 2012

She's Finished!

 I never estimate time very well when working in the studio.  All of a sudden, 4-5 hours have passed, and I'm amazed.

 I'm not very good at estimating how much time will be involved on a project, either.  All I had left on Caillou (Bryce Eleanor named her when she was bald) was legs.

So yesterday, I figured she would be finished in short order.  Except...I had to make a pattern for the legs, sew, stuff them, and close up the feet.

All of which took longer than I expected because of some of the following questions:  which color fabric?  solid or patchwork like body and arms? what shape leg? how long? feet? jointed? if jointed, how?   I'm not good with decisions, and if there are too many options, I'm forced to take a break.

Then I come back and do something-- usually what I figure will take the least time, but doesn't always turn out that way.

The good part is that the vacuuming and floor mopping got done!

And the darn doll is finished.
Since I had been looking at all of the cording I'd made when looking for something to couch for the  TAST weekly embroidery stitch, I snipped a piece of felted "ribbon" I'd made with the embellisher and machine embroidered and gave her a scarf.  It matched her pink and orange colors perfectly.

These colors are not what I usually choose, but I've had that bicycle fabric for a long time and loved it.  And, as it turned out, Caillou's bright colors are cheerful and fun.


  1. She's not only cheerful and fun...she's magical as all of your remarkable creations are! I love her name and they do fit her colors!

  2. She's beautiful, Jenclair! Check out my blog this morning, I just awarded YOU the Liebster Blog award.
    Happy day!

  3. She's great fun! I'm like you with the underestimating :)
    Her bike shirt is priceless! Love it.

  4. Michele - Thanks! She's a funny little shelf sitter. :)

    Connie Rose - Oh, thanks, Connie! My day has been a little blah--an award really perks me up!

    Nancy - From her concern about her hair, I think biking is more an image she aspires to than an actual activity.

    Some people are pretty good at estimating time, but I think they start out with a better idea of what they are going to do. I think: "oh, it won't take long to do make the legs," instead of really thinking about how I'm going to do it and breaking down the steps. :)

  5. Wow, what a wild and wonderful doll. Hugs Judy

  6. I can easily lose 4-5 hours in my sewing room, too. She is so neat. I just love her scarf! That is SO COOL how you used the embellisher and then embroidered on the wool. Wow. I love that. And so creative on the hair and colors. Great job!

  7. The clock in my art room stands still: it's all the other clocks I have problems with. lol
    Love Caillou's hair and scarf. I was thinking she ought to be posed on a mini-bicycle.......

  8. Judy - Thanks! I think she feels "wild and wonderful"!

    Stephie - That creative space really does make you zone out, doesn't it?

    Embroidering by machine or by hand on either wet felted or embellisher felted wool always has such a neat texture.

    Thanks for the nice comments about Caillou's hair. :)

    Suz - Funny thing about the clocks in art rooms and sewing/craft rooms! I wish Caillou had a bicycle, although it might need training wheels!

  9. Debra - Thanks! Caillou has a lot of TAST stitches all over her!

  10. What a great doll Jenclair!! Love her hair!!

  11. Thanks, Sherri! That hair was both fun and time consuming! Even after I had all the hair made, attaching it was a bit of a chore, but I like the "alert" quality it gives the doll. :)


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